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Opinions, wailings and observations of a cranky, old retired lady on life after 50.
posted 22 days, 16 hours ago
When I retired from a busy working life I decided to get a dog.  I always wanted a dog.  My visions were for long, leisurely walks with my camera slung over my shoulder (one with REAL FILM and not some phone camera) on the country roads that surrou

Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell
posted 23 days, 18 hours ago
this post is rough draft and in progress, likely too rough to read.  I only put it here in hopes it will help me remember to finish it     Heading out the door tonight, 80+ year old neighbor called to me from her front porch, "I have a just-between-yo

Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass
posted 26 days, 2 hours ago
Today it poured rain. The local parade was cancelled. It is late afternoon, the clouds lifted awhile ago, but now it looks like more rain coming. Oh, well!I have asked Dean several times to inquire about his aunt & uncle's RV. It is a nice Georget

Overseas Trips
posted 105 days, 6 hours ago
6//… (see post for link)

Short Blog Description Goes Here
posted 215 days, 10 hours ago
Trump is a Celebrity  Some of  you people are frickin nuts .   To hear some of the crap that comes out of your  heads is like watching a badly written  //… (see post for link)

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