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Bridge Over the Virgin River

At the beginning of the Watchman Trail, near the Zion National Park Visitor Center, hikers pass alongside the Virgin River on their way toward Bridge Mountain (pictured here) vice the Watchman.

On this, New Year’s Eve day 2019, the weather was a gorgeous 50°F, with little wind or breeze and crystal-clear skies. The waters of the Virgin were running rapidly with snow melt from the previous week, and the park was fairly populated because of the holiday. I dropped from the trail down to the bank of the Virgin, where a thin strip of muddy soil brought me to the outflow point of a bend in the river. From this vantage I took exposures that froze the water, gave a 1/10th second blur, and then pulled out the LEE Filter Little Big Stopper for this 5 second exposure, which I liked best.

With little snow remaining throughout most of the park, I feel like the cottony flow of the cascading blue water gives more of a winter sense to the scene. I look forward to visiting Zion during the other seasons of the year, because I can tell this is one place that will display nature's changes very nicely.

Bridge Over the Virgin River
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