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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Groundhog Day, 2017
It snowed Tuesday afternoon and night. Accumulation was about 3". The ground wasn't frozen, so the snow will melt from the bottom as well as the top with the warmer temps and sunshine. BB and I stayed inside for most part of Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday, taking care of getting my iPhone and laptop synced so I can download videos of Biddy on our walks and edit them.

I have been going over to my friend Hollis' place and taking hikes with her, Bitty and BB the dog. Bitty is a DWARF mini-horse. The fact that she is still alive at (almost) three years of age says a lot for Hollis. Most dwarf mini's die very young. Bitty is a character...Hollis is a great trainer and devoted to her horses, of which she has three mini's and one half Arabian full-sized mare, Lacey.

Bitty is lead by a lead rope on the walks. BB is off-leash. Hollis keeps Bitty under control somewhat, but Bitty has her own agenda on the walks. Mostly to trot up hills and run down the other side.

Have to go now...will finish this later. Bye.
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