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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

February 6, 2017
Sorry I had to run the other day. Back to Bitty & BB walks. I haven't gone since groundhog day with Hollis, BB & Bitty. Damp & cloudy weather has kept me from doing any extra walking plus my car has been on the lift getting the water pump fixed. Seems one of the O rings slipped (how does that happen?). The car has overheated twice on me while I have been traveling. When I checked, the coolant reservoir was empty. Once I added fluid, the temp gage went down. I have been carrying several gallons of anti-freeze in my car since the second overheat. Reminds me, I have to apply for the rebate online, $5.00 per gallon. These last two make three gallons of anti-freeze I have bought in the past two months. Still waiting for the first rebate to get to me. Probably lost in the mail...

I have a great fear of overheating the motor since one time, my red Volvo blew a radiator hose, the car overheated and warped the head gasket. Big bucks to fix....

Dean did bring my car into the shop late Saturday afternoon. He said there was a pool of antifreeze under the car on Sunday morning. This means the water pump has been leaking even when the car is not running. I would have never been able to tell since the car is parked on dirt...and anything that came out would just go into the ground, not leaving any stain. Yesterday, he pulled the water pump off, cleaned the contacts and put in some gasket sealant. The sealant has to cure for several hours, so the car has been in the shop since Saturday afternoon.

I had purchased a now thermostat & Dean put that in just in case something had gone wrong with it when the coolant level diminished and the car overheated. Sometimes, the thermostat can go bad when overheating occurs.

Dean just brought the car over to my door and asked me to watch the motor for leaks. Meanwhile, i have been trying to get the rocker panel molding back on but have some painting to do first. I had hoped to get the finish coat of paint on the car and the rocker panel molding back on before he took the car out of the shop, but guess that isn't going to happen today.

Meanwhile, the clips I bought for the molding don't fit into the molding so I can install. Of course, when I called the seller of the clips, they weren't open on Sunday. Sigh...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (Dean's place), I have been lazy in the mornings, not getting out of the camper till after 10 AM and not washing or dressing till long after noon. Guess it is just winter doldrums...and I do like to do my writing early in the day before all the other crap comes down on my head.

Today, I hope to go to walk with Hollis. She is getting a haircut now, but will be home later. I have been trying to coordinate with her and another friend to have a hospital bed moved from one house to her parent's house. Just isn't happening since the friend who has the bed doesn't seem to be able to call Hollis when she has help to move the bed. The bed would be for Hollis's mother Shirley. Shirley is severely disabled from a hernia caused during surgery, if you can believe it! The doctors won't operate on the hernia and it is now the size of a basket ball (huge). Shirley suffers something awful with this bulging hernia. Doctors sometimes cause more damage than they fix.

Well, I have to go out and check my car for coolant leaks. Write more later.