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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

February 16, 2017
Wow! been almost 10 days since I last wrote. We had a bad storm with gale force winds, actually two storms with gale force winds. I caught a cold and was pretty sick for about 5 days. Today, I am feeling much better. BB went to the homeopathic vet on Tuesday. Vet says BB is in good shape, tested negative for lyme & heartworm. I am waiting for the results on his titer test for parvo. Then I will know if he needs that vaccination. I suspect not, since he was vaccinated a whole bunch by the gal who passed him onto me.

So far, the repairs on my Volvo have been good. No leaking of coolant, no thrown belts from replacing the seal on the water pump. I had no problems with overheating on the trip to the vet's, a 60 mile trip, one way.

BB was good at the vet's till she did a bad thing to his bum when she took his temp. Then he was suspicious of her, no matter what she did. He wouldn't even eat her venison treats! He was in very good health, she said, some calculus on his back teeth, but otherwise, he looks great. Maybe a bit chubby, but I told her we aren't walking so much since the snow is here, making paths icy or impassible.

Dean brought the cold inside to share with me. Last cold he had, I was more careful with using hand sanitizer & hand washing then this time. He insisted he was just congested from all the welding and cutting with the torches while working on a pick-up truck front end. But he was actually sick. Next time, I will know better!

Today has flown by and I need to get some clothes out of the washing machine and onto the line to dry.

Hope to catch you all later.