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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

February 22, 2017
The past few days have passed uneventfully. Dean got a (used) new flat-screen TV but the cable box was old and didn't broadcast in HD. He was very disappointed in the picture. He went to cable co. & got an updated cable box. His friend Lucas came to set up the box (pretty simple, but the cable employee made it sound very difficult). When the new cable box was all set up, the picture was much better, HD made the difference.

I suggested he take the old router and have it replaced, but of course, he didn't. When he got to the cable co., they suggested he update his router, too. What do I know?

I was able to set up the CC option, so I can see dialogues without having to have the TV volume up so loud. Everyone is happy, especially Dean because during my tour of stuff in his house's corners, I located an additional cable box that was not being used but he was paying for. The bill should go down now.

Today, Rodney, a friend of Dean's, stopped by. The conversation came around to the new TV, cable bill, etc. Seems Rodney has first-hand knowledge of a certain box you can buy (not a Ruku stick), connect to your TV and run off WiFi, which Dean already pays for. Seems Dean could hook up this box and reduce his cable service to the cheapest basic and get additional TV off his WiFi. He would need to upgrade his internet service, but that would be offset by the reduction of his basic cable bill. Then Rodney suggested Dean get an outside antenna so he could get rid of cable TV all together. If he had the box Rodney suggested and an outside antenna, the TV cable bill would disappear altogether. Of course, I had suggested this to Dean some time ago, but it had to come from a guy to be relevant. We shall see what Dean does in the future. His cable bill is huge. Plus, he could get HBO & Starz for free with the box when you have to add an extra subscription (more $$) to the cable service. Rodney says he gets the newest movies that are still in theaters with his box.

Monday was so warm, most of the snow banks melted. I washed laundry and hung on the line. Then I had a disaster with my Electrolux vacuum, the one I have had for about 18 years. I found it by the street for the trash man when I was working in Orleans in 2001 or 2002. I was vacuuming the kitchen floor in the corner where the animals have their water bowl. While I was struggling to disconnect the wand from the hose, the hose flew out of my hand...and you guessed it! Right into the water bowl. I shut the motor off, unplugged the electric from the wall, but water was already coming out of the back end of the vacuum. Dean took the vacuum apart, everything checked out OK. He let it dry for two days. Yesterday, I plugged it in but the vacuum didn't run. Guess this trusty old vac has met the end of the road years after it was discarded by the person who left it by the side of the road. I am going to call my friend Ruth who owns a vacuum repair store and ask her if she might have another to replace it. Or maybe she can fix the one I filled with water. I do like this vacuum very much.

I am headed to the shower now, Dean is out having dinner with friends and I won't feel as if I have to rush...