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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

May 28, Memorial Day Weekend
I went to Syd's yesterday to finish planting her flamed areas on her lawn. The previously seeded areas are sprouting nicely, clover is showing up now. I was surprised at how much actual grass remained from the flaming I did and drought from last year. Syd was mowing her grass, which had grown a lot over the past two weeks with all our rain. But I am not complaining after the three hot days we had  in mid-May. All her flamed areas are now planted. Tomorrow, Memorial Day (celebrated) it will rain. The ground has warmed up nicely and the grass & clover I planted yesterday should sprout fairly quickly. Syd's lawn will be nice by mid-June.

I have refurbished two of my Volvo's rims so I can buy new summer tires. There was a lot of rust on them, I used a wire wheel on an electric drill to remove most of the rust. Then, I hand-sanded both sides, blew them off with air and cleaned with brake cleaner. Two coats of rusty metal primer and two coats of aluminum paint made them look almost like new. I will go on Tuesday for new tires, a front end alignment & have the steering box trued up (so when the tires are pointing straight, my steering wheel will also be straight). I have had some front end work done on the car (tie-rod replaced and some other things done), so a front end alignment is necessary to prevent new tire wear.

In case I have neglected to mention this, I sent a certified letter to the RV repair business I hired to fix all the leaks in my camper roof. I gave them 7 days to contact me and within three days, I got a call from the son of the owner of the business. His first question was "What do you want?" I told him there was no way they would fix the camper since they already had their chance and failed miserably. I told him I would have to think about it and get back to him. Since it was the week before the "start of summer" I have resisted contacting them. The son (of the owner) said they can't find the pictures I sent (on two different occasions) of the camper roof. I have just re-sent some of the pix...but when I checked my email files, I realized they all were aware of my situation and offered no solutions except for me to do the work myself.

I have checked with the county court house small claims court and the maximum amount I can sue for is $7,000.00. I have documentation of all the money I spent on extra help to clean out my camper from mold, the cost of going to the laundromat to wash & dry my bedding, towels, etc. It will exceed the maximum amount allowed when I add in the estimate for repairing the damage to the camper due to all the leaking before I put up the tarp to cover the top of the camper. We shall see what they offer after they have read my email & seen the pix.

Today, I have done laundry (four loads) washed dishes (we ran out of hot water two days ago, I allowed the dished to pile up) and am icing my shoulder. I took a fall yesterday afternoon over a lawnmower Dean has out in the yard. I landed on my bad shoulder...icing it today, but it really is sore.

I will go out and do some raking where Dean weed whacked grass. The predicted rain will ruin any chance I have of doing it tomorrow, so best it is done today.

I hope all of you have a great Memorial Day Celebration. We will never forget...My Dad fought in the Korean Conflict, my Grandfather was a vet of WWII, my sister did two tours in the Navy in the mid-east. I come from a military family. We will never forget our heroes and what they sacrificed for our freedom.

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