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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Trip, Continued
Let's see if we can get a photo out of my files and onto the blog page...and I am typing first as cneb suggested...and first attempt failed...

In the tool bar of the blog page are two yellow squares with mountains and sun in them. Click on the right square. On the page that comes up, the second line from the bottom, click "choose file". Select the photo you want to upload and then click "upload". When the photo is done uploading it will appear in the image gallery. Click on the desired image from the gallery, it should appear in the preview box in the top right. Click on "insert" and the photo should appear on the blog page. Two notes: 1)the photo should be compressed for ease of reading for those with dial-up 2)photos do not always appear in the blog, at least for me, unless I have type preceding the photo

This is not working a second and third attempt. Seems the photo uploaded from my files into the program (saw the title of the photo in the address box) but no uploading to the website was completed. OK...onto something else. I have promised that I will NOT spend unlimited time attempting to post pix on this blog. Nor will I spend hours typing just to have the script disappear (as I have done twice before). 

If anyone has better instructions on how to put pix from my laptop files (that are all neatly filed in the "pictures" file and NOT all over the floor), PLEASE let me know. Simple, it should be simple!!!!! Craig's List is simple!!! And CL is free!!! I pay for this email/blog! That's what is so frustrating!