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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

A return to the blog!!!
I am checking out a new situation that may work for me...or not. I do not have my 2017 journal with me as I write today, so at this time, I will not continue that saga...except to say A did finally pay me back the $$$ of mine she used during the trip out west and back. Our friendship has been strained and is still tenuous.

I am still struggling with Social Security issues and am waiting for a hearing...filed my appeal in January.

I moved in November from the awful situation in Wareham and have been happy with my new situation. Of course, a toilet is still an issue, I have to wait till after 8 am to go into the house. Sometimes, this is difficult! I have been volunteering at the Acushnet pollinator garden, flame weeding the paths and vacant flower beds. We sorely need volunteers. Maybe something will happen with the women's prison system next week. We shall see...

Over the winter, I felt lousy, no energy, no ambition...in January, a cyst on my back (been there since 2010) became infected or maybe had been infected all fall and I saw a surgeon. He cut it open and removed all the detritus gunk from it. He was quick, professional and very good!  I left the office with a very large, seeping hole in my back. It is between my shoulder blades and totally inaccessible, so for the next six weeks, my friend Syd was kind enough to change the bandage every day. She was putting Manuka honey into the hole every bandage change. A week after the lancing, I saw the surgeon again. He was pleasantly surprised to discover no infection and sent me home. I saw him a total of 4 times and eight weeks after the cyst was lanced, he dismissed me.

The end of April, I found an infected black-legged (deer) tick on the inside of my leg, right under my knee. I went on Doxycycline for 21 days. On May 6, I discovered another infected tick bite on the inside of my lower arm. After consulting with my doctor, I continued the Doxycycline for the prescribed time. When I see my doctor in July, I will request a Lyme disease test. I hadn't felt very good since I finished taking the tick bite meds...my stomach aches every time I eat.

This situation I am checking out may be a good thing for me, I am not sure just yet. It would be working and living on a farm. Housing is gratuitous in this situation should I accept. The Car Barn apartments called me a week ago tuesday and said they have an apartment for me...in ten days! So, it is true! When it rains, it pours. Meanwhile, all my friends tell me I shall go mad living in the city of New Bedford. A friend told me someone torched a truck right across the street from the Car Barn apartment, the heat from the burning truck melted the siding on the house the truck burned in front of.

I packed me & BB the dog up and we lit out for Kingston, MA, south of Boston some and pretty busy place. The farm is just starting up, this is the first year for some new planting beds. Seems there are some problems with the "soil" which is composed mostly from composted wood chips and bio char. I weeded for 3.5 hours today and there are a lot of weeds that have germinated from the "composted" wood chips! I found some dodder, a parasitic plant, in the bed. The farm manager was pretty blase about what to do with the dodder I had in my hand, saying..."Throw it over the bank, there are plenty of weeds here already". I was pretty surprised at this response, since dodder is pretty invasive and very hard to eradicate. I m not sure if I will take this position since I feel the owner would like a new manager but I am not in a position to manage a farm. I would loose my disability and health insurance. But the camper that I could live in has such a nice space! 5X larger than my tiny camper, it has a screened & windowed sun porch, a washer, a fenced yard, deck and porch. RUNNING HOT AND COLD WATER AND A TOILET THAT FLUSHES!! I don't know how I can refuse!

Did I mention I got hives from the sun? Yes I did! That was a week after I finished up the Doxy. Couldn't believe it!!!

Other news, my lovely Toshiba custom laptop was trashed my SmartTrade (?) the extended warranty company because the back-lit keyboard "couldn't be fixed" and since I sent the laptop in twice for the same problem within one year, they had the option to evoke the "lemon law" clause...and no more laptop. I bought another just recently but have no internet connection where I live in Rochester.

I have to order a carburetor rebuild kit now, so I shall say bye bye...

Hello, Once Again!!
Friday, June 22, 2018 5:01 AM by Gem
Really didn't think you would ever make it back here. So glad I was wrong!
Hang in there, Cynda. It WILL get better!??????????
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