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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

On the farm in Kingston, Ma
I have been here in Kingston for almost a week now and my hip is starting to give me some pain. I know it was all the walking I have been doing between the fields, barns and where I am staying. So now, I will drive around in my car. I can't take the risk of having to take pain killers if I can't take the pain.

It is really a different space here, mostly a gravel pit, big trucks bringing in different materials of different sorts. Cement, rocks, stumps (and there are many stumps after the damaging storms in early March), plus they are burying some kind of sludge. The area where the camp is set up is only dirt and wood chips. There is some crushed cement on parts of the driveways, but it is mostly dirt. It is very windy here with three large wind turbines that are turning all the time. I have found them much less intrusive than some claim. The garden where I have been working is about 300 feet from one of the turbines and I hear it sing in the wind as it makes power. I find the sound to be a lot like the wind through the trees and not so intrusive, almost hypnotizing. They do make some strange sounds when they change direction, but not more noise than the trains coming and going. The transit station is about a half a mile from here. The thought of all the power these turbines are making is staggering. The Red-Tailed Hawks have adapted to the blades and sometimes play around them. I have seen many birds navigate around the tall structures.

The farm is a poor example of the understanding of the word. Most of the planted areas consist of very poor soil. The farm manager is doing the best he can. The big seller here is micro-greens and there is a heated greenhouse for growing them in. Several times a week, the greens are cut and sold to restaurants. There are a lot of veggies in the ground, but they are doing very poorly due to the soil conditions. The owner of the farm (and the "pit") doesn't want to buy the right amendments for the soil, but she expects the farm to produce $$$. I have been told she is "bat-shit crazy" and I may have a deep feeling they are right. She offered me the manager's job, I declined. I now see how hard Jim works as manager, no help, bad soil and just too much on his plate. As she is not paying me (at this time), I am taking advantage of the free washer and wonderful outdoor drying conditions. I hope to be all caught up on washing by the end of tomorrow.

I have signed the lease on an apartment at the Car Barn in New Bedford.. It is smaller than I had hoped, but it has all the necessary things...kitchen with stove (ELECTRIC!!! I shall burn a lot of things, since I am accustomed to gas), sink, fridge and (are you ready for this) a dishwasher! There is one storage closet in the hall. The bedroom is not as large as I would like and has one closet for hanging clothes. The bathroom is tiled in the shower and sheet goods on the floor. The living room and bathroom have indoor-outdoor carpet in black and grey, kind of boring and doesn't match the wall color. Pretty much what you would expect from a low-income housing situation. It is a way from the entry door, I am hoping BB won't pee on the way out!

I plan on starting to move this weekend with help from Bonnie. We can use our two cars, I have the Volvo station wagon & she has a Dodge Durango with a lot of room when the back seats are folded down. When I have found some strong arms, I will rent a van and we will take all out of Titilist Storage first, then Summer Street second. I hope to keep my camper so I can go out to the country when it isn't too hot or humid to get out of the city. I am nor have ever been a city gal, but the lure of running water, space to move and a toilet is just too much to resist. Heat is paid for but I have to pay te electric, that includes the AC. But at least I have AC! I still have to get start an electric account signed into my name.

Time to sign off for today. Sunshine and wind have dried my clothes and made them soft. I need to bring them, fold and put them away. It is so beautiful today, I should be outside, not inside.

Thanks for reading...
Welcome Back
Monday, July 2, 2018 9:10 AM by kkeilman
I've enjoyed your posts in the past, and I'm happy to see you're posting once again. I hope your hip is feeling better soon and that you won't have to take pain killers. Best of luck with your new job and new apartment. I am looking forward to updates!
Still crazy after all these years
Saturday, September 15, 2018 6:31 PM by Cunda
Nice do you know someone reads my blog! I still haven't figured out Internet access so my blog is being neglected. I'm still moving things out of storage and into my apartment slowly unpacking, hanging photos finding artwork I haven't seen in years. It's like Christmas in July although now it's September. I just drove up To Richmond Vermont for a wedding. I have known the gal who got married since she was six or eight weeks old I think. She used to spend a lot of time with me when she was a child she called me auntie Cynda. Right now I'm looking for a place to spend the night otherwise I have to turn right around and drive back to New Bedford Massachusetts. I sure don't have $100 to stay in a motel. When I get hooked up to Internet I will start writing my blog and continue the story of my trip out west and back from last summer and last couple years which I moved three times in seven months this last year and this year. Thanks for reading!
Greetings from North Carolina
Friday, September 21, 2018 9:48 AM by kkeilman
Hello! Good to hear from you and thank you for responding to my post. I do really enjoy your writing and all of the detail and description you include in each post. I hope your wedding trip went well and that you were able to find a place to stay. I hope, also, that you can connect to the internet soon and resume your storytelling.

I look forward to your future blog posts. Stay well!
Fair Warning
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 2:38 AM by murat akca
. I have known the gal who got married since she was six or eight weeks old I think. She used to spend a lot of time with me when she was a child she called me auntie Cynda. Right now I'm looking for a place to spend the night otherwise I have to turn right around and drive back to New Bedford Massachusetts.
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