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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Wrapping up the trip out west in 2017
It doesn't seem like two years since my return to the east coast after my strange trip across the country with Arianna.  I have heard from her maybe four times since then. Of course, once she paid me back what she owed me, we had little need of contact. She knew how I felt about her lack of consideration, how she manipulated me, used me to pay our way after she said she had ample money.

When we were in Olympia, WA, I met her son Rob, daughter-in-law Rebecca and their grandchild, Ava. Rebecca and I hit it right off with our love of gardening, wild life and photography. We are in contact often and I have heard her speak of the relationship she has with A. It became obvious to me that A has often asked her two sons (Rob & Joe) for money when she can't pay her bills. The situation is so bad that Rob and Rebecca can't even speak of his mother and how she uses him. It saddens me to know that A has not really matured to the point where she can take responsibility for her actions.

Last spring, Rebecca mentioned that she wanted to fly me out to WA for a visit...with BB my dog. We were both looking forward to this trip this fall. In August, A called Rob and said she was in hospital with failing kidneys. She asked Rob to come to Memphis. Rob flew to see her, using the money that had been saved for my flight. Since Rebecca has no information (from Rob) regarding A's failing kidneys, no information on how she is doing, all speculation leads to the conclusion that A was in dire financial straits and was just using Rob to get her out of her financial hole.

Since I have no contact with A, I don't know what her situation is...and I can say that in all honesty, I am not interested.
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