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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

2020 New Year
Just been a couple of days since my last post. I'm trying to be better about attending to my blog.

The weather has been insane for early January! Temps soared to 72 degrees in Boston on Sunday, it was in the mid-60's here with some gusty winds. Too windy to take BB the dog to walk the storm surge barriers, so we walked the local park for our morning constitutions. The decorations are coming down in the park and I am keeping a watchful eye on the trash the city employees leave on the ground. As soon as they are done taking down the tree lights and remove the protective fencing, I will be policing the ground for the left-over trash. Last year I collected a huge amount of trash, filling a medium sized box.

There is an abandoned house three blocks up that has been in a state of neglect since I moved here. Trees growing through the fence and obscuring the walkway, which is never shoveled of snow. All kinds of trash has been thrown over the fence. I sent pix to the city last July. Over the weekend, I saw the house yard has been cleaned up, trees cut back and the side yard is cleaned. It is nice not to have to dodge the trees as I walk the sidewalk.

Last Friday Sam and I went back again to work on the large forsythia stand. We pruned the flowering quince, a lot of squashed forsythia and more forsythia along the parking area. The burn pile is now spread to the third mound, waiting for January 15 for a burn permit. We went om Friday b/c the client was away for the day and her dog needed some company and time outside. I left BB the dog home, it was just too cool for him to be outside for hours or in the car. I pulled a muscle in my left thigh with all the crawling under the bent canes. It has healed and I have no pain from it today.

When I returned home Friday, I rested for most of the evening except when interrupted by a neighbor. He needed a ride...I had been lying down for maybe 10 minutes! I took him for his errand, then back to bed for me.

Saturday after walking BB the dog, I started simmering Oxtails for soup. I would cook them until Monday morning, then strain the broth and clean the bones from the meat. After cooling the broth, the fat will be skimmed off and I will make Oxtail Barley soup.  It will be ready for the cooler weather coming in a day or two.

Sunday I went back to the client's place and let her dog out to her yard for some relief from no one home all day. Haskell was happy to see me, so happy it took me almost 5 minutes to hook his leash up to his collar...squirming and flipping over, running in circles. Once we were outside, he had no interest in lifting his leg, just wanted to run in circles until he realized his owner wasn't in sight. We practiced sit, wait and come for 15 minutes, all enhanced with treats. He was ready to go back inside and I left him chewing  bone.

Monday mornings, there are now yoga classes at 11 am. I had to persuade my friend/neighbor out of bed and away from the TV to attend the class. I didn't find this class as much benefit as last week's class, but my friend did. We went shopping for sheets at Ann Hope at the mall. My friend bought a set of sheets, 100% cotton for her bed. The sheets are not sold as a set, but individually and sometimes the colors don't match...but we found colors close enough. She also bought a new pillow for her bed. She was pretty happy with her choices. I have been buying sheets for many years at Ann Hope, all are good quality 400 thread count sheets and hold up well considering the price.

Early last evening, my same neighbor stopped in with an anxiety attack. I made some fresh ginger root tea with raw honey and popovers. We ate them right out of the oven with tea. She stayed for several hours and felt better when she left. Then I walked and fed BB the dog...and went to bed.

I am procrastinating going out this morning...it is overcast and I am stiff even after my morning stretches.

Thanks for reading this blog.