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Writing to write.
posted 3883 days, 18 hours ago
I'm not religious by any means but I find it humerus that people give up things for lent then regret giving them up on the 2nd or 3rd day in.  And to give it up for only a certain part of the year, Lent.  I hear a lot of people giving up pop or sugar and

I don't like to give up
posted 3885 days, 4 hours ago
In our history, we've been witnesses to McCarthy hearings search for communist, Japanese Americans being partly blamed for pearl harbor. Now, we have certain people blaiming other people for the troubles that might be happening now. It's true of the old s

connection problems
posted 3938 days, 22 hours ago
unstable!!!Stressed out!~!!About to go back to AT&T

Short Blog Description Goes Here
posted 3961 days, 3 hours ago
Berrys latest move looks to have just bought the gay lez vote , Fools ! who you elect ! you give the right to be wrong !  

general crap about me and my job. read if u want
posted 3979 days, 1 hour ago
yall know what that means right? ssdd same sh@! different day. thats my work life in a nutshell. i work at a friggin truck stop. nothing glamourous about that. so if im going off one day, dont freak out. lol

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