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posted 4213 days, 0 hours ago
   I am an avid reader and student. I think that lifelong learning is a responsibility of any true American. Listening to news on TV is not the same and doesn't meet the prerequisites of being considered an American, according to  our forefathers. Lit

Living Life and Putting God first
posted 4213 days, 14 hours ago
   This morning my patience was put to a test. I didn't do well. For one I evidentally, ended up with a flu bug going around. I started a new med. for diabetes. They say will only make you feel sick a week or so. Well I have one down. Lol. I was up mo

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posted 4236 days, 8 hours ago
Made in America. Have you ever looked up at a towering city skyline, and wondered who built that? or gazed at the expanse of the Golden gate Bridge, or  the Amazing St Louis Arch, and or The Massive Height of the Sears Tower. Have you ever wondere

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posted 4236 days, 16 hours ago
A true heart for God will trust Lord at all time and still know that God is still in control. No matter what are going on in the world. In this season in our many struggles the Lord is watching to see how we will treat one another. Will we still have comp

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posted 4277 days, 8 hours ago
          A little innocent baby is born in the night. Not asking to be brought into this world.   Soon she would begin to learn how cruel this world can be, and there are people out   there that are mean and cruel. They are willing to use anyo

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