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still learning maybe
posted 4453 days, 6 hours ago
the clocks are turned ahead and st. patrick has had his party when's the grass gonna start to grow?  

Retired & on S.S.I.!
posted 4465 days, 18 hours ago
We understand that there will be no stimulas package for the elderly and the disabiled! They renigged on their promises to us! Obama said we would get it because there will be no increase in S.S. I.! Lets get rid of those so called conservatives! Vote

just stuff
posted 4468 days, 12 hours ago
march 2 2010 and its still snowing. i live near buffalo, ny and its the longest winter for me. if i could move out of this state , i would. in my driveway i have over 5 FEET of snow. it has been snowing here and i desided to  to see how deep it was build

The View from Whetstone Ridge
posted 4477 days, 4 hours ago
There has been one snow storm after another leaving a cover of four feet on the ridge.   As we lacked any snow removal equipment other than shovels, the last snowfall was too heavy to move manually.

My Blog is about absolutely nothing.
posted 4489 days, 22 hours ago
    Does it have to take a disaster to bring people together over what's going on in another country? I mean before this happened to Haiti did anyone care what was going on there? Did anyone send any money to help those people out before they lost so many

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