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All Things Copper.net
posted 4382 days, 16 hours ago
Great to see how the new blogs are starting to take off. Is the blog directory starting to load too slowly?

boring old lady
posted 4384 days, 10 hours ago

just for kicks
posted 4387 days, 7 hours ago
Stop in tell a joke,say hello kick back

Thoughts and predictions of Gold and the US Dollar
posted 4391 days, 4 hours ago
Gold at an all-time high against the US dollar--will it keep making new highs?  And will it move because of the dollar or something else (inflation, fear, change in worldwide thinking of savings vs spending...)?  

Consent little, resist much.
posted 4394 days, 12 hours ago
Given how much I love dogs and respect them it was somewhat of a surprise when I realized I would make a bad dog. How unfair!  But I have to confess that my nature is the opposite of good dogs. I am apt to consent to little or nothing imposed on me and mo

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Pulled out the crossbow and dieled it in . I am now ready to deer hunt . I …
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