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Health and The Body Electric: What You Were Not Taught Options
#1 Posted : Monday, July 27, 2020 2:25:23 AM

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Health And the Body Electric: What You Were Not Taught

Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse understands that any biological entity is electrical. Please read this linked intro. https://jackkruse.com/gr...on-quantum-health-model/
I studied under his guidance for 2 years. Robert Becker and many others have published volumes on this subject. https://www.amazon.com/B...ation-Life/dp/0688069711 . Quantum Physicists use the electrical spectrum to understand the universe. https://www.amazon.com/E...ll-Talbott/dp/0977285138
Biophysicists use the electrical spectrum to understand the body electric. https://totalhealthmagaz...s-Electrical-System.html
In 1971 a accident caused the radial and median nerves along with three finger tendons in my left wrist to be literally ripped apart. After resection surgery I had to wear a TENS electrical pulse unit on my belt with wires and electrodes taped to the wrist. The purpose was to stimulate the nerves and muscles toward healing. Limbs that do not have live nerve supply wither away. https://en.wikipedia.org...trical_nerve_stimulation Now I type with the fourth finger of the left hand and 3 fingers of the right hand.
In 1973 I began to work in appliance repair and that progressed into my becoming an licensed Industrial Electrician and a avid student of Nikolai Tesla. https://www.bing.com/sea...O-c9d0fc87&q=Nikolai Tesla
Rex Research Archives became my go-to place for electrical studies beyond the commercial and industrial arena. Shortly after I moved into my Dallas home in 1986 I began to tame the landscape and prepare to do bioelectromagnetic studies with plants. http://www.rexresearch.c...e/binjiangelculture.html . A peculiar electrical event occurred with our bed. As new residents living on a shoestring budget I acquired a quality water bed at an estate sale. During the bed assembly and installation I was conscientious about energy usage so I sandwiched the water heating pad unit between layers of aluminum foil to equally distribute the heat. The assembly was covered top and bottom with dunnage blankets. The next day, after completion, my wife and I lay on the bed to read newspaper and test the temperature and firmness. She reached over and gently stroked my hand. A loud snap made her recoil. At the same instant I felt the hairs on my arm stand up and there was a buzz-like vibration in my skin. We gathered our wits and began to experiment. After I laid my hand on her arm then stroking the arm there was a audible buzz, she felt a tingle and the hairs stood up. I realized that I had built a large storage capacitor. We decided to test the comfort by sleeping on the bed that night and our bodies began to hurt at the joints. The next day I grounded the aluminum foil. I drained the bed and attached a #14 gauge stranded THHN copper wire to the aluminum foil, routed the wire through a hole in the floor then attached it to a water pipe. That did not work so I disconnected the heater and we laid more blankets on the water bag and used the bed until we bought a regular bed and mattress. That was episode #1 with a electric bed.
Episode #2 started with the advent of the Internet/WWW. My wife is afflicted with RRMS, Remitting Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, which makes her very sensitive to nnEMF, non-native electromagnetic fields. We live close to three internet and phone cell towers. The RF frequencies induced resonance in the wire and coil assemblies in the box spring and mattress which disturbed her nerves and caused tremendous pain. Through trial and error over a few years I developed an assembly method that eliminated the harmonics which involved elimination of a box spring and replacing that with a wood box on top of the wheeled steel base frame. The box is topped with a heavy layer of aluminum foil with grounding lead attached. On the fabric covered foil I placed the mattress that is topped with a multilayer sheet of aluminum foil with grounding lead attached. A waterproof mattress cover finished the RF neutral base. Again I drilled a hole in the floor then I buried a salt covered 1/2" X 20' copper grounding electrode in the dirt and attached the grounding conductor to bed assembly leads and grounding electrode. The pain was gone and she has slept peacefully.

In the year 2000 my wife and I entered the WWW/Internet where I quickly found the Bioelectromagnetics Society, www.bems.org , where I joined and began to exchange information with people who were researching plant genetics and biological manipulation. After several months I saw that they were limited by their mechanical and chemical approaches to the science and by their obsession with Arabidopsis to the exclusion of other species and use of other methods. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabidopsis
They mapped a genome and my method derepressed and expressed a complete ancestral genome.

Returning to 1987: As computers were beginning to populate offices I was studying RF fields from computers because employees complained about the discomfort from the emitted fields. I designed a shroud that drained and grounded the offending RF. The next generation of computers removed that problem. At home I was experimenting with plants in my developing garden by reproducing experiments and results that had been published in the libraries and Rex Research articles which I ordered. 1987 was a pivotal year because I witnessed an electrical event in nature during the aftermath of a flooding storm. The event involved the electrocution and deaths of a 85" alligator and 35 yearling Red Eared Pond Slider turtles. I was stunned by what i saw and spent 12 hours over 2 days recording, photographing, sketching, measuring, taking EMF readings and collecting samples. Over the following decade my spare time was dedicated to understanding the event and reproducing the effects. I consulted physics and math professors while making good use of the interlibrary loan system and government publications. In the overarching laws of physics and electrodynamics I saw resonances in the applied forces that were coordinated by natural laws. A theory began to form that I translated to electrical properties of the elements as displayed in The Periodic table Of The Elements. The theory translated to a torus shaped field composed of primary, secondary and tertiary resonances and constructed from the electrical properties of specific elements. In Spring 1996 I was almost ready to do the experiment and needed to select the right plant. Considering that I lacked a suitable greenhouse, the plant had to be native, hardy, drought resistant and very versatile and adaptable. A Poison Ivy would be suitable but for my sensitivity to its juices. The next best candidate was the Trumpet Creeper vine , Campsis radicans, that was coexisting with the Catalpa tree in my front yard. I prepared an air layering of a branch with rooting hormone in the moss packet on the scored branch. Next I began to gather 2-4 ounce pieces of specific metals representing values from the Periodic Table. When the branch had good roots the following May I prepared a special place by the fence in my back yard and built within a dug hole what I can best describe as a multipole electromagnetic torus field battery using a modified soil mixture and the selected elements. I planted the rooted branch in the prepared area and the new growth became a tree that is now about 80 feet tall and the only similarity to the vine is the leaf structure. In its 13th year the tree began to produce seeds and every sprouted seed reproduced the tree and not the vine. The tree that I dubbed Campsis X has no discernible value beyond being the only one like it. Of all trees it most closely resembles the Golden Raintree, Koelreuteria bipinnata, of South China. If you choose to go down that road you will come to understand why the Temple Of Solomon, Great Pyramid Of Gizeh, Ark Of The Covenant, Chambered Nautilus, Helianthus and vortexes in nature are structured upon the Golden Mean/Ratio/Section which I call the Skeleton Key Of Creation. 1 divided by .6180338997--- = 1.6180339887---. Explore the universe of energy: https://duckduckgo.com/?...iax=images&ia=images

As always, quackery sullies true science and causes confusion. What I share with you is grounded in real and reproducible natural science. The hawkers of radionics could transform their efforts into truly serviceable tools if they improve their education. Modern physicists have limited themselves with obsessive compulsive presumptions and carefully crafted falsehoods so they are little better than the radionics practitioners who they spurn. Who among the feuding parties can explain how my element locating rods work? It is not enough for me to tell you that there is a attracting force between any two atoms of an element when the atoms of that element are separated by distance. I us my five pairs of the wands that I designed and used extensively at work to solve difficult problems with locating circuits and buried metals. At a archaeological site in Dallas I used them and found the cast iron flue to the 1800s wood/coal burning stove that had been in a school in the Oak Cliff Kessler neighborhood. Rhetorical question: How does a BFO metal detector work?

Energy medicine is also cluttered with quackery and with deception from the pharmaceutical/technology community to the extent that it is difficult to sort wheat from chaff without having sound information to detect deception and fraud. If one does not absolutely know what is real how can one know what is false? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radionics

True energy medicine is displayed before us in the ways of nature on nature's terms and in the invigorating simplicity of lounging (grounding) on a grassy knoll to watch the sunrise. Earthing aka grounding was a natural event that helped us stay healthy without our being aware of it until the industrial age that steadily removed us from regular physical contact with the earth. This is the real return to our roots that must be taught anew. I learned as a youth in Boy Scouts and from a Yaqui ranch hand about the value of regular earth grounding. This meshes perfectly with the natural sciences.
https://draxe.com/health/earthing/ https://www.groundology.co.uk/about-grounding https://chopra.com/artic...ing-benefits-of-earthing

Metabolic Homeostasis simply means good health. To simplify the complexity of all of the above I choose to follow a hybrid diet and health protocol that resembles the best of the Mediterranean, Ayurvedic, European, African, Inuit, Oriental and Indigenous Americas practices. Limitations abound but resourcefulness prevails. A simple rule of thumb cuts through the obstacles: If it is edible, non-toxic and I am not allergic to it I eat it with thanksgiving to my Creator. Everything is energy. Go to the ant and learn. https://www.biblegateway...6%3A6-19&version=KJV

"He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." -Micah 6:8
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