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JDHODO'S Haven Of Hate Options
#1 Posted : Sunday, October 25, 2020 1:37:35 PM

Rank: Rook

Joined: 6/21/2003
Posts: 202
JDHODO has established a reputation on this forum as an obsessive anti-Catholic bigot.

The Apostate Roman Catholic Church; Roman Catholic Practices Contradict The Word Of God; Roman Catholic Pope Fornicates With Communist China; The Vatican And The Third Reich: An Unholy Alliance; Documentary - Saints and Sinners: The History Of The Popes; The Great Roman Catholic Apostasy; Examining The Second Commandment; Are Roman Catholics Christian? Reaching Catholics; The Roman Catholic Cult; Never Ending Catholic Pederasty; The Jesuit Conspiracy.....and the list goes on....

He claims that “Everything that I have posted here about the Roman Catholic church is documented history,” He also claims his information is “irrefutable”. Both statements are blatantly incorrect.

He posted a link to one of this many anti Catholic sources, Steve Rudd, in a recent post entitled Tell me about the Rosary.

An opinion posted about Steve Rudd in the Ripoff Report reminds me of the tactics JDHODO regularly employs.

In sum, as a self-proclaimed teacher of the Christian faith, Steve Rudd engages in disingenuous, deceitful tactics in order to prove his understanding of the Scriptures correct, while attacking groups that don't believe in him.  His arguments boil down to sophistries: cleverly devised, but knowingly false arguments aimed at confusing and misleading his readers.  And yes, they are knowingly false arguments, because I myself cited official teachings of the Catholic Church in demonstrating that his claims were not accurately depicting Catholic teaching.


A selected sample of Rudd’s work follows: .


Despite claims to the contrary, anti Catholic propaganda is easily refuted:


JDHODO is the ultimate coward. In my experience he chooses to hide behind irrelevant links rather than answer challenges directly and invariably includes at least one insult per reply.


I feel this effort, coupled with a previous post Religious Corner Bigotry -- JDHODO (Elmo) -- King Of The Bigots!, will serve to further illustrate the scope of the pervasive hate speech that permeates this forum.

JDHODO is little more than a fanatical conduit for poison spewed freely on the internet by Steve Rudd and his ilk.

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Don't misunderstand me
You don't think that I know your plan
What you tryin' to hand me?

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