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Neanderthals and Anakim In Genesis Options
#1 Posted : Friday, March 5, 2021 12:41:33 AM

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This speculation about Neanderthal being the Adamic race is compelling but it lacks supporting evidence from antediluvian artifacts such as the megalithic structures on every continent and seabed. Did Neanderthals carve out and precision drill 1200 ton stone blocks and transport them vast distances? https://hiddenincatours....-stones-baalbek-lebanon/
Neanderthal's contemporary, the Cro-Magnon, is also left out of the speculation. Elongated humanoid skulls have been found on several continents and they were well documented but academia refuses to acknowledge their existence. DNA analysis results makes liars of the atheist academia reprobates who claim without science backing that the skulls were mechanically deformed during childhood. The DNA is not human and the skull inner volumes are greater than that of humans. Were they the biblical Anakim? https://www.compellingtruth.org/Anakim.html
Enumerate if you can and name all of the known and popularly supposed forces of nature. In the Old Testament there is a story about a prophet with a work crew beside a river. A workman's iron axe head flew off the handle and into the river. The prophet commanded the axe head to come ashore and it did. It is said of that event that the prophet used the power that makes the iron swim. http://www.gracebaptist....tes/Elisha/Elisha11.html Our best engineers are unable to reproduce the stone architecture that was created before the Great Flood. I believe the explanation of these mysteries is found when one backs up and takes a holistically harmonized view of all evidence gathered from the many ways humans recorded their thoughts such as cave paintings, sculptures, religions, carvings, masonry, writing, languages and architecture. Within those records there are common themes that clearly reveal what is not directly seen.
It is a indisputable and well established fact that official academia withholds facts from the classrooms and doles out fallacies in the place of those facts. Take the UFO phenomenon as an example. Their presence on Earth has been recorded by the earliest humans and those records have continued uninterrupted to this day. The aggregate descriptions describe vehicles that are trans-dimensional and not subject to commonly accepted laws of physics. I have closely watched 7 UFOs since 1967. The phenomenon called "orbs" falls into this category because they share the same habits as UFOs. Effectively observing orbs requires the use of night vision capable video cameras and a knowledge of lens optics and of brownian motion so that one can understand what is natural action distinguished from "unnatural" action.
We ever learn, yet never come to the knowledge of truth.
The truly sane person is a lover of truth above all else who seeks to be informed by reality in whole without dissimulation, bias or private interpretation. Many try but they are few indeed who can walk that path. Arguments can cease with commonly accepted definitions of terms.
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