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The Case Against Dark Matter Options
#1 Posted : Thursday, March 25, 2021 6:57:10 AM

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This continues the previous post here about the skeleton key to the cosmos.

Recall that time when modern science officialdom declared "The bumblebee can't fly." A constant measure of skepticism is requisite for maintaining mental equilibrium, but be careful to not fall into cynicism which can birth misanthropy. The article at the linked page below clearly expresses my position about the nature of material reality; we know nothing as we ought to know so always be open to more information. If you are in your comfort zone you are stagnating.
Erik Verlinde's bio:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Verlinde

My personal experience with testing a theory about dark matter was a epic 10 year journey to find answers that explain a very anomalous bioelectromagnetic event in nature that I witnessed in June 1987. Modern science resources failed to provide answers and college professors were stymied by my questions. I let the evidence and the numbers direct my search based on the premise that our Creator God Jehovah Rapha, El Elyon, is the Master Geometer and Engineer of all things. This led me to Carlo Suares and the Hebrew cosmology. With that in mind, try replacing the term Dark Energy with the term Mem, the Mother Sea of all undifferentiated energy. That term is from the Jewish Qabala. By changing a word we change the approach to a question. What's in a word? Recall me saying that the Jewish language communicates simultaneously on 3 levels which are mind, matter and spirit. Physicists, in their seeking, come closer and closer to that Holy Grail, that Theory Of Everything but they will not realize their dream until they accept the One who made all things. Carlo Suares wrote the book "The Cipher Of Genesis" that opened my eyes to the glory of our Creator, the Great Mathematician".

Erik Verlinde needs to study Carlo Suares and I will certainly suggest that he do so. However, there is a caveat. The Satan worshipping Theosophists are headquartered in Amsterdam and control much of Europe and the Western cultures. They have pestered me relentlessly in hope of finding my method for using the Golden Ratio as a skeleton key to transform plant genomes. It is in that algorithm, if you will, that one comes to understand that the Dark Matter > Dark Energy is actually the Mem, the Mother Sea of all undifferentiated energy. In that realm here and there are one.
The truly sane person is a lover of truth above all else who seeks to be informed by reality in whole without dissimulation, bias or private interpretation. Many try but they are few indeed who can walk that path. Arguments can cease with commonly accepted definitions of terms.
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