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Home Cure For House Cat Skin Cancer Options
#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 27, 2021 11:41:45 PM

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You have probably not heard about Feline Injection Site Sarcoma cancer, FISS, in domestic cats but it has been around for many years. The veterinary profession blindly believes that there is no cure and a death sentence if the cancer is not excised in the earliest stage. Their blindness is a prerequisite of their license to practice medicine. 16 years ago a brindle short hair tabby female adopted me [I named her Lyxny] then she got pregnant and had a male kitten which I kept because it was in every detail of fur marking the mirror image of Lynxy. When the kitten I named Bandee was old enough I took both of them for vaccinations and both got the injections on the back of the neck above the shoulder blades. 2 years later on each cat a skin tag like a inverted bowling pin formed an each injection site. I thought that was odd and thought nothing of it except to note any changes. Last September 2020 the skin tag on Bandee suddenly developed a dark spot and in three days the skin tag was replaced by a open bloody sore the size of a nickel. I thought it was an infection. With the pandemic in progress taking him to a vet was out of the question so I began the usual disinfections and antibiotic treatment but the wound continued to grow over the next eight months while I studied veterinary articles to under stand what was happening until I euthanized him on June 1 this year.
On June 16 I noticed that the same thing started happening to Lynxy's skin tag. I had been building a home pharmacopeia of natural plant based herbal extract, powders and essential oils to stay healthy during this pandemic and I have on hand 42 essential oils so I extracted from the WWW all information about essential oils that are proven to kill cancer and set up a printed reference file. From that information I made a formula that kills the FISS cancer and the skin tag on Lynxy shrunk and withered.
If you want to reproduce the formula be sure that you do your homework very well in sourcing the essential oils, the Joboba oil and requisite DMSO. The blend uses 7 essential oils, Jojoba oil and DMSO.

Skin Cancer Treatment Lotion Using Essential Oils
This will fill a 2 oz brown glass bottle.
Clary Sage 10 drops
Clove 10 drops
Frankincence 10 drops
Lavender 10 drops
Myrrh 10 drops
Oregano 10 drops
Thyme 10 drops
DMSO 1/4 ounce
Jojoba Oil fill bottle to 2 ounces
Shake and blend thoroughly with regular bottle cap then remove that cap and cap with eye dropper and store in room temperature dark place. Do not let oil get in to eye dropper bulb because essential oils dissolve rubber.

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