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Corraling Covid Options
#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 13, 2021 10:53:02 PM

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Give Dr. Mercola some support in prayer or what your heart tells you to do.

My favorite disinfectant is Saniquat 512 because it is designed for
hospitals, laundry and food service. It is effective at a 1:512 dilution
and can be aerosolized for effective surface disinfection.
MSDS sheet:
Dilution is key to safe and successful disinfection. Do not breathe the
Saniquat vapor.

Portable nebulizers are not to be used with Saniquat but they are very
good for proven Rx meds, hydrogen peroxide, extracts and essential oils:

Ultrasonic humidifiers:


Cool mist vaporizers:

Portable HEPA air cleaners saved my health.

Assess the environment.

Air purifiers clean AND disinfect the air.

Portable HEPA air filters with carbon pre-filters clean and deodorize
the air.

A combination of a portable HEPA air cleaner with a carbon pre-filter in
conjunction with a aroma therapy essential oil atomizer or ultrasonic
humidifier for essential oil diffusion will sanitize the air very
efficiently while placing a residue of essential oils on all surfaces.
Essential oils must be used with informed caution. Experimenting is ill

Memorize this: "18 Dos and Donts of Essential oils." Educate yourself.

This is a excellent site for developing proficiency.

Comparative study on the antiviral activity of selected monoterpenes
derived from essential oils.

Essential oils, their therapeutic properties, and implication in
This article gives an overview on the most commonly used essential oils.

My favorite is USP grade essential oil of oregano, Oreganum vulgare,
that you put on your pizza. I have used it for 21 years and keep it on
hand as pure aroma therapy essential oil, 10:1 dilution in gel caps,
10:1 dilution in dropper bottle, home made fresh plant tincture in vodka
and whole leaf in capsules. It grows well in Dallas and survives mild
winters. Before I learned about oil of oregano I was beset annually
since 1950 with the common infections from blood poisoning, boils, ear
infections, pylori, herpes, pink eye, tooth ache, sore throat, flu,
colds, pneumonia, fungal infections, stomach flu, wound infections and
others. I add it to Shea Butter, Argan oil, Jojoba oil. MCT oil or
coconut oil for making various lotions. The synergy from a carefully
selected combination of essential oils enhances the desired effect.
Let the published science be your guide.




Traditional use.

Ayurvedic medicine is a mixed bag but do not disparage it. I use their
wisdom from centuries of proven treatments. Again, let the science be
your guide.


A final thought. What did Hippocrates really say?
Eight guide stones: A well rounded diet regimen, peaceful sleep, exercise, fresh air,
sunshine, a positive outlook, faith and a desire to learn.

The truly sane person is a lover of truth above all else who seeks to be informed by reality in whole without dissimulation, bias or private interpretation. Many try but they are few indeed who can walk that path. Arguments can cease with commonly accepted definitions of terms.
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