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#101 Posted : Friday, June 24, 2011 10:32:58 AM

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jimmymac wrote:
GOJOhnson wrote:
A week passed with no email reply and no phone call from the church. So now I was angry and it was time for action! I uploaded to my server a picture of a very nude (R-rated) Santa. I named the picture the exact same file name as the Christmas mural. The server overwrote the christmas-mural.jpg image file. So now the church was hotlinking to very large image of an angry and nude Santa!

I checked the church's web site every day. Ugly nude Santa was right there at the top of the main page, welcoming visitors to attend their Sunday morning church service. Santa remained on the Baptist bandwidth bandits web site for more than a week before they discovered the Santa pic and removed it...

That might be the story I was thinking of. I have forgotten details, but in very rough terms it matches. The story I had in mind did involve a church or religious group, and a picture involving nudity sounds about right.

Have you posted that story on these forums before? Perhaps that is where I read it. Ye ol' memory. It ain't what it used to be!

Yes, I did post about the Baptist bandwidth bandits a couple of years ago in another Copper forum thread. I snagged the Santa pic from a site offering free 'public domain' (not copyrighted) pictures.

SIDE NOTE - Back in the very early days of the Internet, before there were image hosting sites such as Photobucket and ImageShack, I had one of those free GeoCities web hosting accounts. I used the free web space to display an image gallery so I could post pictures in bulletin boards and forums by hotlinking back to the images hosted on my GeoCities site. Basically I had created my own image hosting site.

GeoCities was born in late 1994 and bought by Yahoo in January, 1999. Yahoo closed GeoCities in October, 2009. There were at least 38 million user-built pages on GeoCities before it was shut down by the yahoos at Yahoo.
#102 Posted : Thursday, July 7, 2011 1:12:36 PM

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From another thread:
Here is THE simple, fast and easy way to access your Copper email (if you do NOT use a ‘client’ like Thunderbird or Outlook or Outlook Express):

I’m using MS Windows XP and FireFox 3.6.17; on other systems all MIGHT be different, but still worth a try.

First of all, every time I try to log-in to my email account in the usual manner, it requires me to enter my user name and password, then enter and go to the next page where I must RE-ENTER the same ID and password, again. This is probably because my settings are not to save any passwords, so you MIGHT already be skipping that first page.

Go to the email log-in page that requires you to enter your data AND has something like this in the address bar:

ht tp://mail.copper.net/email/scripts/loginuser.pl? (plus a long bunch of characters for your account)

If you normally must log-in only once, this will probably be that first page, but if your set up requires you to log-in twice, this will be the second page that requests your data.

In the upper right corner click on the middle box so that your ‘window’ does not fill the page and some of your desktop shows around the edge.

At the left end of the address bar you should see an icon of a sheet of paper. Put your cursor on that sheet of paper and drag it out of the window to the desktop.

Now you can go ahead and enter your data and access your email….

BUT the next time you need to see your email, just get on the internet, wait till it is done loading your home page, then click on your new icon on your desktop (which SHOULD say ‘Copper.net web mail’). The last page to enter your data SHOULD open up almost immediately, even on dial-up. Because of my settings, it always opens into a new tab. Yours might do this or it might change the page that you were looking at.

If you have more than one Copper email account, you’ll probably need to repeat for each account, leaving a separate icon for each Copper email account.
#103 Posted : Thursday, September 15, 2011 1:24:14 AM

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If you have vision problems and would like to enlarge the print both in forum, in @copper email, and in many other formats, just hold down a control key while you scroll up, although you may need to repeat this every time you switch to another page, and it will make your page too large for your screen so that you may need to use the slider at the bottom to read the whole lines.

And if you have no problems with the font size... just give it a few years... YOU WILL!
#104 Posted : Monday, February 6, 2012 5:06:29 PM

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jfloyd wrote:
Well, yeah, pink is girly, but this pink is hard to read because it's pale.

As a newbie,and I admit I'm just on page 1 of this thread, I too find the pink difficult to read.
Possibly due to my having cataracts and Glaucoma.

But a trick I learned in the last century, if you use your mouse to high-lite the 'pink', it's easier to read.
That's my 3¢(inflation).

#105 Posted : Tuesday, May 7, 2013 5:08:41 PM

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First off, for a 'new topic', (a new thread), you need an eye-catching title, and it is a challenge because spell-check is NOT enabled in the line to enter the title, Scared Angry AND at least on my 22" monitor, the insert for the title shows up on my monitor in some kind of ultra-faint micro-font... Looks like a font of maybe a 1! That of course makes it so much easier for an error to slip past until after you post the new thread, where the titles are easier to read, the contrast seems better.

The Cheat-Sheet way Shhh to put your best foot forward in your title, is to first type the title as a heading INSIDE of the post box. Then use your mouse to high-light, copy, and paste into the title line. That way your title will at least go through spell-check BigGrin ... But do re-read it after you post because wii ill no what Miss Takes kin sale rite past spill-cheek! Laugh

After you post, even WEEKS later, you can still go back to that post, click on 'edit' and fix your typos, even in the title if you go to the first post in a thread which you began.

As to your text in your posts, keeping in mind that many of your potential readers are on agonizingly slow dial-up, it is just plain rude and thoughtless to post ONLY a link with no extensive explanation. Most of your potential readers will never bother with waiting maybe 5 minutes or more for your link to download, only to discover they already know all about it from a different source!

Along with your link, give us at least a couple of sentences, which is perfectly OK to high-light, copy, and paste from the COPYRIGHTED source into your text box... Which brings up another problem... The old hoose-gaw. Scared

It is clearly illegal to high-light, copy, and paste an ENTIRE article from a copyrighted source. Crying This used to be a big joke, but no more, as a nasty bunch of money-grubbing attorneys, (most notably, RightHaven) had contracted with major news sources to hunt down potential copyright-violators and sue them, (as has been done for sometime in the music and movie industries)... Many of their earlier efforts at suits were thrown out as the lawyers had been suing on their own behalf, and not as the attorney representing the 'victim' source...

(Ya'd thunk that a bunch of ATTORNEYS would have foreseen that... but apparently not; as in what do you call someone who graduated from law school never having made a single grade above a 'C' and skimmed past the law exam on their 10th try with the lowest possible passing score...LOL )

BUT the latest news from this money-grubbing bunch is that since a couple of judges have pointed out the error of their ways, THESE LAWYERS HAVE FIXED IT, by revising the contracts which they use with their 'victim' clients!!! Scared

So if you really don't want a simple subpoena to Copper to uncover the mask of who is behind your user ID... and a nasty court claim for thousands of dollars... please don't copy and paste ENTIRE articles unless you are absolutely certain that there is no copyright claim and it is 'open sourced'... (or something like that).

And when you do copy and post a few sentences be sure to give your source, so there can be no claim that you are 'stealing' the readers from the source.
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