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Mobius Torus Options
#1 Posted : Monday, August 31, 2020 5:06:55 AM

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Joined: 8/14/2020
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You've probably heard of the books The Electric Universe and The Body Electric. Then there is another book called The Secret Life Of Plants that delves into the electrical nature of the botanical world. My career as an electrician put bread on the table but my first love has always been nature, ecology and the sciences. In the late Spring of 1987 during the tail end of a violent thunderstorm I witnessed an event involving an electrical exchange between utility power distribution and cloud lightning that affected 37 yearling Red Eared Pond Slider Turtles and an 85 inch long alligator. They died in a very peculiar manner. During the calm just after the storm passed and the flood water began to recede the turtles came to shore along a 2 foot strip of bank. Then they climbed up the flood levee slope in single file to the railroad gravel bed and went west onto the railroad trestle gravel where they spaced themselves 26 inches apart and died facing west. Positioned on the levee slope directly below the line of turtles was a dead alligator.

I was stunned to my core and rushed to my shop at work to get equipment for electrical measuring, surveying, drawing, photographing and sample collection. I spent the rest of that day and most of the next day documenting the event and the electrical field activity in the area. With that information in hand I unwittingly dove into a rabbit hole of research that lasted 10 years and drove my wife up the wall. Public libraries, Interlibrary Loan, University professors, U.S. Government publications and Rex Research Archives failed to provide viable answers or explanation of the event but my calculations and graphs repeatedly pointed at the Golden Mean. So I consulted the Jews and found the explanation and answers when I did a final series of experiments in which I could variously manipulate the growth habit of plants or kill them with biological level electrical currents and frequencies. The final experiment resulted in changing a common Trumpet Creeper vine, Campsis radicans, cutting into what resembles but is not a Golden Raintree. The tree is 70 feet tall and its seeds grow to be the tree and not the vine.

The energy field that I created in the soil where I planted the cutting is best described as a torus such as is popular in graphic arts, science and metaphysics. https://duckduckgo.com/?...xresdefault.jpg&pn=1

Unlike many people who make for themselves religions of things that they do not thoroughly understand, I step back in reverent awe of my Creator and wait upon Him who will explain things in His time.

Mobius .6180339887------

The pull of infinity drew me beyond the chessboard square.
Into a sea like glass I swam yearning to see and know
as I am seen and known by Him who made me.
With cringing soul I beheld a narrowing shoreline of quarantine
that minded me of a burning ring of fire before the gates of Eden
But he, my Redeemer, holds fast his promise to give to me
the Morning Star.
Revelation 2:28, 22:16

To comprehend a vector requires sorest need. -- As above. So below. -- Eschew the angles and follow the curves.
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