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Part 2: Tesla's 3,6,9 Options
#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 18, 2021 8:57:50 PM

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My brother asked me what I know about Tesla's 3.6.9 theory so I said, "Have I heard of Tesla's 3,6,9 theory? Last night when I saw your question I was like a chicken on a June bug to respond but fatigue was setting in. I spent 30 minutes composing then accidentally clicked outside the Compose window and POOF! the email was deleted.
Next day:
This is long winded but needs to be said:
I was hired in November 1982 at Dallas County Facilities and after about a year the Facilities Manager sent me to electrical school so I jumped on that, got my license and worked with two electricians as apprentice Journeyman. I was reading the lives of prominent inventors in the electrical field and was dazzled by Nikolai Tesla and disturbed at the way that his legacy has been smeared. In early 1987 B**** and I bought a house and I realized a longed for fulfillment of having a herb garden where I could study plants, and I began to plan the garden layout and gather material.

In June 1987 a violent and flooding electrical storm hit Dallas County on a Friday evening and headed east toward Mesquite. At daybreak this Mowgli nature boy headed to the Trinity River area south of the Longhorn Ballroom that I used for ecology study. I parked close to the AT&SF railroad trestle, walked west along the tracks onto the trestle over the river and surveyed the aftermath of the storm. The river water was receding and marked a flotsam and jetsam high water line 5 feet from the top of the levee. As I walked west onto the trestle I saw a freshly dead hatchling Red Eared Pond Slider turtle, the kind that all freshwater fishermen detest. It was on the rail bed gravel and on a line parallel to the tracks and halfway between the rail and the timber edges and it faced east. When I picked it up it was obviously only about an hour since it had died. I scanned the path ahead and I saw another about two feet from the first turtle. Then another. As I slowly advance I counted a total of 37 hatchling Red Eared Pond Slider turtles about 26" apart and they all face west. I was thunderstruck, stunned and confused about all that I had previously learned in decades with nature in the raw and with science. I was in the process of becoming familiar with electromagnetic radiation health effects and did a slow 360 degree scan of the surrounding area and the primary cause of the event was clear. The railroad easement was bracketed on each side with massive steel 100 foot high electrical distribution cable support towers. There are 2 sets of 3 cables, called 3 phase, rated at 1200 volts 35 KVA on each side or the railway.
How did the turtles get there?

A slow backtrack to where the turtles left the grass and went on to the gravel led me to a path of many tiny tracks through the wet soil and winding between grass tufts to a single spot on the flotsam line where they had come ashore during peak water rise. I scanned the receding knee-deep water on the flood plain. The tallest plants, Giant Ragweed, quivered in the swift current. A surreal scene again challenged my understanding of reality. It was a vision like you see in fantasy movies.
A large rust red colored buoyant rope of fire ants stretched westward attached to the protruding Ragweed. The rope marked a line that was parallel to the cables at the 4PM position in the water surface. I was dressed for wading so I entered the water a dozen feet upstream then approached and studied what the huge mass of fire ants were doing.

The ants had been flushed out of their beds by the flash floods. Dallas County had been plagued by the ants.
These ants are as buoyant as oil in water. I prefer to reason based on hundreds of observations in nature that hive intelligence directed the ants to form a floating sieve or seine net that the first ants on the protruding Ragweed began to form as their numbers grew. I waded into the water from the upstream side and upon close observation I saw that the ants in the upstream side of the rope were rescuing other ants plus larvae and eggs. They were also snagging floating food. The rope of ants was a scintillatingly active red ochre in the sun. The ants went to and fro along the rope between the Ragweed plants while building their numbers on each plant and transporting the larva, eggs and food to each plant. This intelligence was God's hand in His work.

I went up to the levee crest then down under the trestle where I found a third anomaly. Laying against the uphill side of the trestle supports and at mid point of the levee height was an alligator that measured 85 inches in length. It too had freshly died with no mark on its body. I always carried a folding Kabar skinning knife so I split the belly. Something large and supple in the stomach revealed itself to be a elbow length heavy duty black chemical handling glove that had no sign of deterioration. The rest of the digestive tract was empty. The alligators position was exactly below and plumb with the line of turtles. I was getting chills on that warm June day. These anomalies were harbingers and warnings of what was to come.

Questions swirled through my mind as I went back to the rails and slowly walked west surveying the Great Trinity Forest on the south and the flood plain that receded and broadened northward over the horizon.
I cringed as I imagined what it was like when the clash between the Earth's geomagnetic field and the electrical utility distribution cable fields created a ultra high wattage tunnel of plasma frequencies that overpowered and killed the reptiles.

My head swirled with speculation as I walked to the nearby Quik Stop to get a smoked turkey leg and a 40 oz St. Ides. I walked the incident area while making a punch list of materials and equipment to record the scene and the attendant electromagnetic signatures. From my electrical shop at work I loaded into the truck oscilloscope, Fluke multimeter, O'scope-to-meter interface, rod antennas, measuring and surveying equipment and marking paint. Next, at home, I loaded camera and tripod, TI Scientific calculator, drawing paper, layout tape measure, notebook and specimen bags. After 5 hours of recording I went home to assess the information. The next morning I returned to the area. When I walked north along the flotsam and jetsam line I found a singularly unique cedar plank that was rough cut and about 6" X 10". The sanded side had a message burned into it with an electric wood burning iron:

I took that as a challenge, a carrot and a journey into the outer reaches of our vision and comprehension. I gathered data on relevant current utility electricity, AC/DC/EMF/geophysical/bioelectromagnetics sciences. The calculations drew me deeper and deeper into the math of energies. I exhausted all currently published science and could not fine an explanation of how the event happened. The Jewish Qabalah gave me the key to solving the mystery.

A plan began to congeal that would give me a way to see the heartbeat of life. Since I did not have a stocked indoor laboratory I had to use plants as my experimental subjects. A series of experiments led me to conclude that only a certain plant species would meet my requirements such that the subject must be native to the area, very hardy, prolific, versatile and adaptive.

The Trumpet creeper growing natively on the Catalpa tree in my front yard was healthy, vibrant and qualified so I air-layered a branch for rooting in the fall of 1986 and spent the winter designing a self-contained and self-powered energy torus that I buried in rich soil by my east fence. The following June the cutting began to grow into an erect tree that was 6 feet tall in November. Now the tree is 75 feet tall.

The truly sane person is a lover of truth above all else who seeks to be informed by reality in whole without dissimulation, bias or private interpretation. Many try but they are few indeed who can walk that path. Arguments can cease with commonly accepted definitions of terms.
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