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The Stone That The Builders Rejected Options
#1 Posted : Friday, September 24, 2021 5:54:28 PM

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The stone that the builders rejected has become the Chief Of The Corner.
The ruling medical authority cartel has rejected reverence for holy things and has turned to worship Satan. They live in a world that is Darkness which they call light and is anathema to life and joy in our Lord Jesus.
Those who worship the created rather than the Creator God Jehovah have elevated their carnal view to a false science in the manner that Jesus views their 5 dimensional delusion. There is God's perfect science and rebels have concocted a grossly flawed pseudo-science with out spirit.

Caca - phony. Stop the world and take stock of the cacaphony. Be self actualized and turn off the racket that steals your attention and allegiances. Turn on. - Tune in. - drop out. Now use your God given wisdom. Now you can see the true nature of this engineered pandemic and the conspiracy in all its ugliness and you can track it unfailingly to the cabal and network who spawned it. The Jab Maniacs have inverted God's reality and seek to enslave all humanity. Remember the Georgia Guidestones:

That slick Arch Traitor Pres. G. W. Bush signed our lives away by endorsing Agenda 21 which was very successful and is on schedule.

Agenda 21 now becomes Agenda 2030.

The fulfillment of prophecies in the Book Of Revelation is indisputable.

Attached is my antiviral tea recipe that is very versatile. Just study each item from medical and naturopathic publications. I have a broad nature pharmacy for formulating.

In my 18th year of intensely studying religions and world history I began to
write prophetic verse when visions inspired me such as Tales From Butt Rock #99 Annuit Coeptis. See attachment.

Copper don't allow attachments. Stupid people use PhotoBucket.
The truly sane person is a lover of truth above all else who seeks to be informed by reality in whole without dissimulation, bias or private interpretation. Many try but they are few indeed who can walk that path. Arguments can cease with commonly accepted definitions of terms.
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