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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 21, 2023 5:36:13 AM

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contraceptive Options

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2 / 23 Spermicide one such foam, jelly, product or service, Or film that goes into the vagina before sex comprising a chemical that kills sperm. Some types must be put in place 30 minutes earlier. if you work with it often, It can irritate the vagina, Making infections and STDs much more likely. People usually use other types of birth control with it.

experts: user friendly, reasonably priced.

drawbacks: May make STDs more likely, And 29% fall pregnant during first year of use.

3 / 23 Phexxi This new nonhormonal contraceptive gel can be used in place of spermicide. a good vagina is acidic, But semen (The fluid that has had sperm in it) Makes it more alkaline so sperm have an improved chance of surviving. Phexxi weakens sperm by helping learn how to pH levels low. it comes in 12 prefilled applicators. you're put it in your vagina up to 1 hour before sex.

positives: It's comfortable charmingdate review and is about as effective as condoms, And you can use it with condoms for more protection. you possibly can use it with cervical caps and diaphragms.

drawbacks: Doesn't force away STDs and may irritate some people. You insurance cover policy may not cover it. The cost without insurance is about $250 $275 for 12 doses.

4 / 23 Male Condom The latex condom blocks sperm from entering the girl body, Which protects against having a baby and some STDs. Of couples who be determined by male condoms only, 15% get pregnant in a year.

drawbacks: widely available, saves against some STDs, discount.

reasons against: Effective only if used correctly everytime. are not to be reused.

5 / 23 Female Condom this is often a thin plastic pouch that lines the vagina. A woman can put it on the spot up to 8 hours before sex. to accomplish this, they would grasp a flexible plastic ring at the closed end and guide it into position. It doesn't work and also male condom.

experts: accessible, Offers some care against STDs.

ripoffs: could noisy, 21% of users conceive, And not recyclable. really should not be used with a male condom to avoid breakage.

6 / 23 Diaphragm This is a rubber dome that women place over their cervix before sex. advisable to use a spermicide. Of 100 ladies who use it, 16 become pregnant in a typical year.

positives: economical (A $15 $75 component lasts 2 years).

downsides: Must be fitted by your physician. No STD exposure. Can't be used within your period due to a risk of toxic shock syndrome.

7 / 23 Cervical Cap this device, also known as the FemCap, is identical to a diaphragm but smaller. It slips into place on top of the cervix. you utilize it with spermicide. About 15% of women who never had children get pregnant with all the cervical cap. About 30% of women who've had children get pregnant.

drawbacks: Can stay in location for 48 hours, cost effective.

downsides: Must be fitted by a dr,a dr. No shield against STDs. You can't use it in your period.

8 / 23 birth control Sponge It's made of foam and contains spermicide. Women are able to place it against their cervix up to 24 hours before sex. It prevents pregnancy about and also cervical cap. But unlike that product or the diaphragm, You don't have to get fitted by a doctor.
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