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As I See It
Various Hints, Tips, And Commentary

Woman called Rush with theory that Obama is trying to foment a revolution
As I listened to Rush a few weeks ago a woman called in and asked Rush what he thinks of the idea that Obama is trying to cause an uprising so he would have an excuse to sic the troops on any dissenters and perhaps even declare martial law.

Rush found the idea interesting but didn't pursue  the idea any further, at least not that I heard.

But it got me thinking.  When you consider his war on capitalism, when you consider Obamacare,  and his war on religion (esp. Christians), it seems like his goal is to antagonize and insult us.

When you consider how the Obama administration has turned the Justice department, the IRS, the NSA, the EPA, the DHS,  the BLM etc. into political organizations with all their associated lawbreaking scandals that are plainly and obviously acting against our constitution,  the idea that he is trying to cause a confrontation is not so far fetched.   

He continues his fossil fuel war against coal and oil and expects us to believe they can be replaced with  the ludicrous pipe dream  of solar and wind power.  This has resulted throughout his term of gas prices hovering between $3 to $4 dollar per gallon and has of course resulted in the cost of all energy to climb.  His latest action (April 2014) of again blocking the Keystone pipeline continues his anti-energy policies.

The recent acts by the BLM of sending para-military troops against Bundy and other ranchers in Nevada nearly resulted in a bloody conflict.  And now the BLM is moving towards another confrontation in Texas.  Make no mistake, the BLM is only doing the bidding of the president.

So is this what Obama wants?  Does he want some sort of uprising that would allow him to declare martial law?  I don't know but to me the idea is not out of the question.  

Chief Justice Roberts and the Destruction of Our Constitution

It's Saturday, July 7, 2012.  It's been a little over a week since Justice Roberts stunned us with his decision ruling that Obamacare was constitutional.  But that's not what this blog is about.  It's about another statement made by Roberts that literally shreds the constitution rendering it nothing more that a worthless piece of paper.

In explaining his reasoning in part for judging Obamacare to be constitutional he stated “Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our (the supreme court) job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices."

Frankly I'm stunned by Roberts's declaration.  There is simply no way we can depend on congress to pass constitutional laws.  Far too many congressmen vote for or against laws based on party affiliation, how much they have been paid by lobbyists, how much a law benefits them personally, and if the law will gain or cost them votes.  It's as simple as that.  Far too many of our congressmen give only cursory thought, if any, to the constitutionality of the laws they pass.

The quality of congress is further polluted by questionable elections including ballot box stuffing, dead voters, pet voters, buying votes, so that some "elected" congressmen shouldn't even be there and those that should be there are not.  While this number might be small in a close congressional vote only one or two votes can make all the difference (think ObamaCare).

If we must depend on congress to give us constitutional laws then surely we must have a lot of unconstitutional laws.  What redress have we according to Roberts?  We can simply throw offending congressmen out of office.  What a cowardly answer!  Consider the difficulty of throwing a congressmen out... it's next to impossible.

Further consider that an unconstitutional law once passed grows roots and quickly becomes difficult to repeal. 

The constitution is supposed to be a contract between us and our government.  Like a book of Hoyle it is a set of rules that we can rely on and by which we can lead our lives.  It should protect us from ourselves as well as others.  Like a sheet of iron it should be difficult to change without great effort.

Judge Roberts's proclaimation that it is not the job of the supreme court to rule on the constitutionality of laws passed by congress robs us of our constitutional protections and leaves us virtually defenseless against a corrupt congress and the tyranny of the majority.

We desparately need a constitutional amendment clearly spelling out that it is the responsibility of the supreme court to rule on the constitutionality of any law regardless of the source of that law. 


Union Collusion

There is a lot to be said about unions, both pro and con, but one aspect of unions is so sinister, so insidious, that it's rarely, if ever, discussed.  That one aspect is the collusion that exists between the unions, and those that they "bargain" with.  

Definition:  Collusion

1. a secret agreement, especially for fraudulent or treacherous purposes; conspiracy: Some of his employees were acting in collusion to rob him.

2. Law . a secret understanding between two or more persons to gain something illegally, to defraud another of his or her rights, or to appear as adversaries though in agreement: collusion of  husband and wife to obtain a divorce.
That the goals of unions, democrats, and liberal/progressive republicans are similar cannot be denied.  Unions desire as many workers as possible, getting paid the highest wages possible, with the best retirement possible, at the earliest age possible while doing as little work as possible.  Democrats and progressive republicans want lifelong guaranteed income, lifelong unemployment insurance,  food stamps, guaranteed housing, universal guaranteed health care, and more,  for all citizens regardless if they do anything to earn it. 

Unions have acquired their power through "good faith" collective bargaining backed with intimidation, threats of violence, and actual acts of violence and subversion.  Their tactics are generally successful.  Of course this makes most rank and file union members loyal to their unions and they pay hundreds of millions of dollars annually to their union leaders.

Democrats and liberal republicans derive their power through legislating modest government give away programs.  Over time they expand these programs to include more and more people who become a constituency thus ensuring their re-election.   

So where is the collusion?   The collusion is between government employee unions, who grease the palms of mainly democrat politicians with millions and millions of dollars annually (see below), and the politicians who then pass legislation favoring the unions.   And who are the unions and politicians colluding against?  They are colluding against the American citizen taxpayer.

We were recently treated to a view of government/union collusion in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker is attempting to reign in public sector union bargaining rights.  Powerful unions (AFL-CIO, Teamsters, SEIU, NEA, etc) bussed thousands of people across state lines to demonstrate (riot) against Governor Walker.  The unions poured millions of dollars into the state attempting to buy the supreme court elections, then more millions of dollars to recall those politicians who supported Governor walker.  In the meantime, those politicians who are beholden to the unions fled the state to impede the legal progress of the governor.  There it was for all to see. 

So what about private business unions. Is there any collusion there? You bet! It is the goal of the businessman to maximize profit with as few workers as possible while paying the minimum wages possible.  Private sector unions have the same goals as already stated (above) and use the same tactics as government employee unions.  The businessman can't pass laws though and his negotiating tools are limited to lowering profits, lowering quality, lowering quantity, cutting the number of employees, somehow increasing efficiency and lastly, but eventually with a certainty, he must raise prices.  It should be apparent that the unions and the businessman are in collusion against the consumer.

The collusion of unions, politicians, and businessmen has grown to a point that threatens our free enterprise, capitalistic form of government and that in turn threatens our very freedoms as government grows, taxes rise, and government regulations increasingly control our lives.  You may have heard of the "military-industrial complex"?  Well, as I see it, we need to be alarmed about the "union-government complex".

Collective bargaining by government unions must be stopped and we are the people who can do it.  Get involved.  Write your congressmen and demand that the collective bargaining "rights" of public sector unions be repealed and eliminated.  For those politicians who continue to support these public sector unions... throw the bums out.

Ok, so what can be done about private sector union/business collusion?  Like public sector unions, private unions collude with businessmen  behind closed doors and the consumer pays the price.  Barring getting rid of unions, which is highly unlikely, I'm suggestion that we try what just might be a new idea.  Let's try creating (legislating) a third party consisting of and representing consumers with as much bargaining power as the business and the union.  The people making up this third party could be selected in a manner similar to how we currently select jurers for our legal system.  

The power of unions and their collusion with our government and our business has grown too big to be ignored.   We can put a stop to it by getting involved, paying attention and voting.

Additional Information: 



Leading Union Political Campaign Contributions 1990 thru 2010

           Union                     Democrat     Republican

American Fed.of State, County,
and Municipal Employees             $40,281,900  $   547,700

International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers                  $29,705,600  $   679,000

National Education Association      $27,679,300  $ 2,005,200

Service Employees Inter-
national Union                      $26,368,470  $    98,700

Communication Workers of America    $26,305,500  $   125,300

Service Employees International
Union                               $26,252,000  $ 1,086.200

Laborers Union                      $25,734,000  $ 2,138,000

American Federation of Teachers     $25,682,800  $   200,000

United Auto Workers                 $25,082,200  $   182,700

Teamsters Union                     $24,926,400  $ 1,822,000

Carpenters and Joiners Union        $24,094,100  $ 2,658,000

Machinists & Aerospace
Workers Union                       $23,875,600  $   226,300

United Food and Commercial
Workers Union                       $23,182,000  $   334,200

AFL-CIO                             $17,124,300  $   713,500

Sheet Metal Workers Union           $16,347,200  $   342,800

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union        $14,790,000  $   818,500

Operating Engineers Union           $13,840,000  $ 2,309,500

Airline Pilots Association          $12,806,600  $ 2,398,300

International Association of
Firefighters                        $12,421,700  $ 2,685,400

United Transportation Workers       $11,807,000  $ 1,459,300

Ironworkers Union                   $11,638,900  $   936,000

American Postal Workers Union       $11,633,100  $   544,300

National Active & Retired
Fed. Employees Association          $ 8,135,400  $ 2,294,600

Seafarers International Union       $ 6,726,800  $ 1,281,300

Total Contributions to Democrats                         $486,440,870

Total Contributions to Republicans                       $ 27,886,800                    

Source:  NewlyConservative.com

My Blog -- What's It About

I gave considerable thought to the name of my blog and finally narrowed it down to a choice of two:  "As We See It" and "How I See It".

Realizing that we have over 300 million citizens in the United States I know there must be many others with the same, or similar, life experiences as I've had and many must certainly share my opinions so "As We See It" would work quite well.

Still there is something presumptious about speaking for others that just didn't feel right to me.  There is the old admonishion, "Speak for yourself John" that kept echoing in my mind and since I'm not a politician or in any public position I really don't have any right to speak for anyone else.  So, I decided to go with "As I See It" rather than presume to speak for others.

What I hope to put forth on my blog are hints and tips to make life a little easier in some way and perhaps save you a little money.  I'm also a political animal and will post many of my political beliefs in the probably futile hope to change some minds.

I'm certain that I'm going to have some fun writing this stuff.  I'm hoping that you'll enjoy reading it.

Oh yes, one other thing; you will find no "political correctness" on my blog unless it is purely accidental on my part or an erroneous perception on your part.  I detest political correctness as I think it is just that, political correctness.