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As I See It
Various Hints, Tips, And Commentary

My Blog -- What's It About

I gave considerable thought to the name of my blog and finally narrowed it down to a choice of two:  "As We See It" and "How I See It".

Realizing that we have over 300 million citizens in the United States I know there must be many others with the same, or similar, life experiences as I've had and many must certainly share my opinions so "As We See It" would work quite well.

Still there is something presumptious about speaking for others that just didn't feel right to me.  There is the old admonishion, "Speak for yourself John" that kept echoing in my mind and since I'm not a politician or in any public position I really don't have any right to speak for anyone else.  So, I decided to go with "As I See It" rather than presume to speak for others.

What I hope to put forth on my blog are hints and tips to make life a little easier in some way and perhaps save you a little money.  I'm also a political animal and will post many of my political beliefs in the probably futile hope to change some minds.

I'm certain that I'm going to have some fun writing this stuff.  I'm hoping that you'll enjoy reading it.

Oh yes, one other thing; you will find no "political correctness" on my blog unless it is purely accidental on my part or an erroneous perception on your part.  I detest political correctness as I think it is just that, political correctness.