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As I See It
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Woman called Rush with theory that Obama is trying to foment a revolution
As I listened to Rush a few weeks ago a woman called in and asked Rush what he thinks of the idea that Obama is trying to cause an uprising so he would have an excuse to sic the troops on any dissenters and perhaps even declare martial law.

Rush found the idea interesting but didn't pursue  the idea any further, at least not that I heard.

But it got me thinking.  When you consider his war on capitalism, when you consider Obamacare,  and his war on religion (esp. Christians), it seems like his goal is to antagonize and insult us.

When you consider how the Obama administration has turned the Justice department, the IRS, the NSA, the EPA, the DHS,  the BLM etc. into political organizations with all their associated lawbreaking scandals that are plainly and obviously acting against our constitution,  the idea that he is trying to cause a confrontation is not so far fetched.   

He continues his fossil fuel war against coal and oil and expects us to believe they can be replaced with  the ludicrous pipe dream  of solar and wind power.  This has resulted throughout his term of gas prices hovering between $3 to $4 dollar per gallon and has of course resulted in the cost of all energy to climb.  His latest action (April 2014) of again blocking the Keystone pipeline continues his anti-energy policies.

The recent acts by the BLM of sending para-military troops against Bundy and other ranchers in Nevada nearly resulted in a bloody conflict.  And now the BLM is moving towards another confrontation in Texas.  Make no mistake, the BLM is only doing the bidding of the president.

So is this what Obama wants?  Does he want some sort of uprising that would allow him to declare martial law?  I don't know but to me the idea is not out of the question.