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Here I am again:)

We have been having a heat wave for more than a week now with temps anywhere from 111 to 120(at my house) 117 officially.   Each year it seems to get worse with me trying to find a way to cool us down, me and my cats.  This year it has been an answer-less process with my 13 year old spending his time in the bathtub but still suffering and me wetting them down periodically during the day.  I did get a new cooler but when it is this hot it just blows warm air.  So we live in a 90 degree house and in wet circumstances when we sleep.
Today I went outside for the first time in a while to turn the water on for the birds and feed them, came back in bent over and my nose started flowing everywhere......with blood.  Was it the heat?  We have had two deaths so far.  Very sad, both elderly.  One was an elderly lady who had a repairman there to fix her air but needed a part and promised to return the next day.  Many offered her a place to stay or to get her to a hotel but she said no.  The next day the repairman returned with the part only to find her dead.   The other an elderly man in a trailer.  Trailers are ovens here, if there is no cooling prepare to die.
Seems somehow unreal, kind of like a child that starves to death here in the USA.  Just shouldn't happen.   But.....they promise a cool down next week?
Hope our weathermen are right this time:)
Peace and comfort to all!!:)
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Monday, September 12, 2011 3:27 AM by
Yobberind is not Danrael. He has been here for years and was gone for a year fighting the big C. Some of us thought he had passed and are grateful to God that he has licked that devil.
So glad you won YO! and that you are back!!
I doubt he will get an apology for that slam he got talking about his extreme illness or for calling him Danrael, it would be nice as he is a kind soul. Some times wonders never cease.
Monday, September 12, 2011 11:43 PM by
My goodness! How about a poll showing how many people know yoyo is yoyo and not Danrael? Some people just have to be right even when they are dead wrong! Sad when they can't recognize a stiff neck and apologize. You go YOYO!! Even when he completely agreed with you to let you continue to make a fool of yourself you didn't agree with him. Can you not see your folly? You are so ravaged by what you did to Danrael your paranoia has made you insane, nice job IXOYE! There is an easy way to stop this, report yoyo to mike is Danrael and see what happens to Yo, oh that is too funny! Your two faces are catching up to you. Sayonara sweety
Monday, September 12, 2011 11:53 PM by
How come your god isn't telling you who yoyo really is? He probably is but you only listen to yourself. Try looking him up on 'search'. You will see that before he left for the battle of his life a year ago he fought Danrael left and right. By the way most people knew way before you that Weezie was Cats as she used the name cats a few years ago. Since you are so in the know what was her first name at Copper? Most of the others can tell you. SNICKER!
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