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Blogging On MyCopper
Tips and Helps for blogging on the MyCopper portal.

Customizing your MyCopper Feed Panel

1) While logged-in, select Profile next to your login status display.


Note: If you are not a logged-in portal user, you will not be able to customize the Feed Panels on the home page.

2) Select the Feed Panel Settings tab.

Feed Panel Settings Tab

3) Enter a new Panel Title and click the Add Button.

Add New Feed Panel

4) Make sure the newly added panel is selected. The selected panel will be highlighted.

Select Panel

5) Under the RSS Feeds section, enter the URL for the RSS Feed you want to add.

Click “add” next to the URL line to make it stick and to open a new line.

Note: Adding more than one feed will add Tab Controls to the feed panel with each feed under a separate tab. In this case, you will want to have a Name for the feed. “Name” is what will show in the tab.

When finished adding feeds, click the Save Panel button in the footer of the Edit Panel.

Feed Panel Options

Warning: If you forget to Save the Panel, your newly added feeds and setting changes will be lost.

When you Save your Panel, you will see a Panel Preview towards the bottom of the page. This is how it will appear on the Portal Home Page. Adjust the panel settings as needed and Save Panel to view your changes.

Panel Preview

6) Reposition your feed panels by dragging and dropping the panel icon.  This determines the order the panels appear on the Portal Home page.

Move Feed Panel

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