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Blogging On MyCopper
Tips and Helps for blogging on the MyCopper portal.

Using an Avatar

Note: Your Blog Avatar is the same one used for the MyCopper Forums.

Warning: Changing the Avatar will change both the Blog Avatar and the Forum Avatar .

To add or change your avatar, you will need to be logged in.

1) Select Forum from the Site Navigation Menu.

2) Select the My Profile link from the Forum Submenu.

If you do not see the My Profile link in the Forum Submenu or you see the message “Welcome Guest”, you are not logged into the portal.  Log in and repeat step 2.

Forum Submenu

Note: The forum submenu is at the top of the forum content window and displays your log-in status along with several forum links.

3) Under Personal Profile, select Modify Avatar.

Personal Profile

4) There are several options when selecting an avatar:

Option 1) Select your Avatar from our Collection

Select [ Click Here to Select an Avatar ]

Choose an image gallery folder of a category that interests you. Click on an avatar image to select it or click the “Up” folder to select another image gallery. Once an Avatar is selected, you will return to the Modify Avatar control panel. You should see your newly selected Avatar displayed under Current Avatar.

Option 2) Enter URL of Avatar on Remote Server to Use

Simply enter a URL for an image hosted elsewhere on the internet. Be sure to include the full address, ex. http://bestphotooftheday.net/qdig-files/converted-images/med_funny-cat.jpg.

Warning: Keep in mind that the full-sized image is loaded each time the page loads and is displayed at a maximum size of 100 x 100 pixels . Large images may greatly slow down the load time of your page. You may find it a better practice to save the file to your hard drive then upload the image using Option 3. This will ensure that the image will be resized for optimum performance.

Warning: If the image is moved or deleted, the link will be broken and a red “x” will appear where your avatar should be.

Note: MyCopper.net does not condone the use of copyrighted content and is not responsible for images and links chosen by it’s MyCopper portal users.

Option 3) Upload Avatar from Your Computer

Click on Browse and navigate to the location of the image in your directory that you would like to use as your avatar.

Select the file and click open

Click on Update and the file will be loaded to the MyCopper server.

Note: Images larger than 100 x 100 pixels will be resized by the forum engine. You will receive a notification popup if the uploaded image has been resized to fit.

5) That’s it! Return to My Blog and you will now see your avatar shown within the Navigation Menu Panel.

Navigation Panel

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