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Copper Blogging: Easier picking of background and text colors
      Choosing background color and text, i.e. foreground, colors is sometimes difficult when working with copper.net®'s blogging interface.  I've found the image editor is not sensitive to the placement of the computer pointer.  Usually, the pointer is over a blue color but is registering as green, black, or whatever was the previous color. So, in practice, there are less color choices than in design.
       The work area in the image editor seems to work as designed.  If I enter #FFFF00, expecting a bright yellow color, then ,yes, I'll get the expected bright yellow.  But, how do we know the color number associated with, say, a bright yellow? The #FFFF00 is called the hex color code.  The only way I would know #FFFF00 represents bright yellow is if a computer program or application could run, then display the hex code for me.
        That's exactly what the program ColorPix® does.  By placing a pointer over an interesting color, bright yellow, Colorpix®, automatically, displays the hex color code of that color, #FFFF00.  I can, then, manually enter the code into copper®'s 'color picker'.  I'm not saying the copper® color picker doesn't work, just that it is insensitve and therefore requires, at times, a manual entry of a hex color code.  ColorPix®, or any other type of hex color code generator, can display the hex color code for entry into the color picker.  ColorPix® is not the only one of this kind.  Googling 'hex color code generator' will bring up a varied list of alternative ways and programs to find the hex color code of a color.





Saturday, August 21, 2010 8:56 PM by
I had problems with the blog colors way back when as far as text. I posted a question regarding my problem but never got an answer from support. There is a huge topic on this in general. The first topic when you open general. I believe it gives hex codes, etc.
Thanks GRS
Sunday, August 22, 2010 12:34 PM by GRSJR
Your welcome.

Also, there is a magnifier included with ColorPix® which can get the code for even small stuff like text.

Here's an example at; http://www.freeimagehosting.net/image.php?84a19b239a.jpg

Here, I picked the green from the text. The code is #008000
Of course, the pointer can be placed over any block of color, not just text alone, to get the hex code.
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