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Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Here's a quick post with some links to hurricane emergency preparedness.

This lady admits to being indecisive and haphazard as a hurricane approaches, something many people are during storms.


Ready.gov article on planning and dealing with a hurricane.


Ready.gov emergency preparedness article for people with disabilities and friends and relatives of people with disabilities.


The National Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service.


Miscellaneous Drivel
I've thought about commenting  in the comments section of various websites as Edvard Munch. I'd then leave the following comment;   "Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I recently submitted a flash fiction piece
to a literary website .  In the story, a reference was made to a girl named Shirley. The story was entitled 'Dear Louise.' 

I had changed the name in the reference from Louise to Shirley, but I forgot to change the title!

Here are a few short stories I've enjoyed reading recently.
            Theme based story similar to biblical sacrifice with a bereft protagonist.
             Sort of Mature Content.  A 'blacksheep' of the family has edgy relationships.    
                  Divorced father exercising child visitation rights, seems, in almost every situation, a visitor.

"Ocean Assistance" by GRSJR

He walked along the shore of the Atlantic.  The young pilgrim's tirade, which had peaked 10 or so minutes earlier, was about to reach it's end.  A mid-afternoon haze was so omnipresent, that the sky and ocean were merely visual props for the dominating heat and haze.

He had squinted in the atmosphere and, more importantly, had scowled at the thought of a new home. He knew the old village would become nothing but memory. The new village would be nothing but work and the conquering of chores.  What was the point of the last 13 years?   This new land was like starting from scratch.

He picked up a stone and threw it as far as he could out over the ocean.  It sailed over the calm waves through the oppressive heat and splashed 50 or 60 feet from shore.  The release of energy helped his mood but, just like the splash, there was no lasting effect.  Many more splashes would still not attenuate his resentment, but the scowl would abate, unable to withstand time and chores, and the resolute, unwavering ocean.

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