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Tarnished Yet Still 'Romeo and Juliet'
The other day I was in a store and the background music was Touch Me by The Doors.  Whatever else can be said about the lifestyle of a rock n roll star, Jim Morrison, the singer of the song, maintained a relationship with Pamela Courson over about 6 years.  Whether because there was a aura of love about the 2 or because I read into the information about them my own interpretations, it seemed like Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson were a modern day Romeo and Juliet.  

I'm not going to explain everything but rather show some of what moved me.


I'm  g
onna   love   you

till   the  heavenstoth rain 
I'm  gonnlovyou

till  thstars  fall  from  thsky  for  yoand  I

Jim Morrison died in 1971, 27 years old.  Pamela Courson died 3 years after, aged 27.

Touch Me ©, The Doors, Elecktra Records

Photo Credit:  http://encycl.opentopia.com/term/Jim_Morrison
Mastering English
One important aspect of a refined understanding of our English language is inflection or intonation.  A correct use and interpretation of inflection can further our linguistic understanding as it relates to meaning and context.


Mistaken Assertion:  You can HAVE' it.
Response:  I don't WANT' it.

In this case the person asserting has placed, via inflection, emphasis on 'HAVE'.'  The responder, in correctly recognizing an 'Here, have it!!' ugliness, has asserted that they don't WANT' it.  Basically, the mistaken emphasis on 'HAVE'' has revealed a contentiousness which the responder has confronted.

Correct Assertion:  You CAN' have it.
Response:  Thank you.

Much less contentious assertion with the emphasis on 'CAN'' instead of 'HAVE'', resulting in a more positive response.

Mistaken Assertion:  My, it's a beautiful DAY'.
Response:  Thursday.

Obviously, the emphasis on 'DAY'' was mistaken by the responder as a wondering of the person asserting  it as to 'What day is it today?'

Correct Assertion:  My, it's a BEAUTIFUL' day.
Response:  Yes, indeed it is.

Mistaken Assertion: Cats' have NINE lives.  
Response:  6 + 3, 4 x 2 +1, (17i
>4 - 8) / c2 - 15 where c = 4.

Need I say anymore .

Let's try an extended conversation, shall we?

A:  How are you DOING' today?
R.  Not much. YOU?
A.  Certainly. TED won't be here.
R.  We're engaged, THANKS'.
A.  BUT' I haven't given you anything!?
R.  Oh, indeed. A STRONG butt is a sign of good health.
A.  How about CURLS' of 35 lbs?  Is that strong enough?
R.  I do as a matter of fact have an APPOINTMENT' to get my hair curled.
A.  Oh no, no ,no. I just ran into you by CHANCE'.
R.  Yes, occasionally.  Card GAMES are my preferred.
A.  That reminds me, I've got to get back to WORK NOW'.
R.  Oh no, I've got the day off; I'll see you at LUNCH'.

There you have it folks.  Good luck with your newly acquired language skills.


All right, Whose The Wise Guy! Step Forward!

Which one or two or three of you people is responsible for my not realizing, for all 54 years of my life until today, that 'Mashed Potatoes' is not really 'Mashed Potatoes' but, like some secret joke which is all the funnier because I, or we if you're in a similar situation as myself and not actually aware of it, is actually supposed to be a side dish of 'Mashed Pot-a-toes!!!!!!!!!?????'  OK!!!!!!!

It's not funny! I don't go about eating no mashed pot of toes.  It's GROSS!!!!  Step forward, wise guy!!!!!!!!!  

Yes, if you're wondering, I'm actually a juvenille minded 54 and not some precocious 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 year old. 

Bllllllllllllllllllllllllllllttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's a giant raspberry if you're wondering!

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