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Tarnished Yet Still 'Romeo and Juliet'
The other day I was in a store and the background music was Touch Me by The Doors.  Whatever else can be said about the lifestyle of a rock n roll star, Jim Morrison, the singer of the song, maintained a relationship with Pamela Courson over about 6 years.  Whether because there was a aura of love about the 2 or because I read into the information about them my own interpretations, it seemed like Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson were a modern day Romeo and Juliet.  

I'm not going to explain everything but rather show some of what moved me.


I'm  g
onna   love   you

till   the  heavenstoth rain 
I'm  gonnlovyou

till  thstars  fall  from  thsky  for  yoand  I

Jim Morrison died in 1971, 27 years old.  Pamela Courson died 3 years after, aged 27.

Touch Me ©, The Doors, Elecktra Records

Photo Credit:  http://encycl.opentopia.com/term/Jim_Morrison
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