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Patent Pending

Archaic, 1930's Model Eggbeater


Modern, 21st Century Digitized Eggbeater (Beta Model)

1110100101100000110011101100000101011101110001001 101001001110011001101101110110110100101010010011110 010101011010110(whirrrrr)10111110010100101100100011 1010010010101011001000101010010(spinnnnnnnnnnnn)11 000100011110001111011001001101110111110000101100010


I'd comment on your blog

but you seem happy

in your solitude.

Ruffle the

feathers - I've learned -

is not for me.

Let the feathers be.
The Flu

     "Yea, that about sums up 5 or 6 hundred years.", he thought derisively.  He coughed.  The bombast felt wrong-headed, sophomoric; As if he were suffering some kind of mental flu as well as the physical flu.  He was -  instead of thinking - in the midst of a mental coughing; coughing up a mental phlegm.  Consideration was the activity of trying to gather this phlegm of thoughts into an appropriate mass, once manifest, to be hacked up and out through conversation or publication.  The remains to be washed away by some absterging entropy.  Then he would move on to the next mental coughing fit.
     It seemed a quite sensible metaphor, what with the gathering of the disparate phlegm - like the gathering of disparate ideas - then forming a unifying ball of this phlegm - like forming a unified idea - and then the hacking of this idea into the real world through conversation or publication.  He coughed again.  "Terrible, this flu!", he complained to himself.
     He reread his idea, 'Yea, that about sums up 5 or 6 hundred years.'  A bad coughing fit came over him. He recalled the CDC saying the flu was an epidemic this year.
     "What else am I going to do?", he considered resignatedly.  He scrolled to the bottom of the page and hit 'Publish' in the blogging software.

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