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Nearly Relevant
Nonsense, Fiction, and Miscellaneous Things

More Non-Humorous Humor
Note:  This post contains an embedded audio laugh track which may take longer to load than the text part.  If it does take longer, than refreshing the page may help.

"Please stop calling me 'Doll'", she enjoined of me, "I always think your attache is carrying a Thompson sub-machine gun."


The meeting room had a capacity of 80 people.  Already it was crowded with 65 or 70 people.  The fire marshal stood outside, about 10 or 15 steps away.  Every time somebody new entered the room he took another step closer.

An acquaintance of mine says my lifestyle is not unlike the worst piece of performance art he's ever seen.

I'm not so enraptured of life that I stress out over being judged a buffoon.

Will somebody help me pick my broken heart up off the four . . . I mean, floor

2 + 3 = 6

"Folks, please take a break from this hilarity.  If you'd like, you can go outside and have a smoke break;  Or coffee and doughnuts are down the hall and to the left, . . . I believe.  Is that right, Sharon, down the hall and to the left?"

"Yes G", says Sharon, my assistant, "that's right, down the hall and to the left." 

"Ok, great.  As I say, we'll return to this in about . . . oh,"
I raise my left arm, forearm pulled in toward me, perpendicular to my upper arm, as I then check my wristwatch, " 15 minutes.  Okay, folks?  Thanks."

Oh boy, this guy is hilarious, HEEEEELARIOUS!!!!!!!!

Embeddable audio player with laugh tack is available at www.hark.com,

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