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Step Aside Sense
It's too late for us do to any good in life.  The best we can hope for is to suffer a judgement offset by mitigating circumstances.

I know a lot of guys like wearing clothing by Ralph Lauren® or Calvin Klein®, but I prefer wearing the fashionable line of
Nguyen Bork Achuthanandan.

I may soon be an official tree-source, I mean resource, of  the U. S. economic system.  Received my Widget Placement Number in the mail, US-District8-Ab459-3EF.   It's not bad, I get 15 minute breaks and weekends off.  A little bothered that they refer to it as my 'pursuit of happiness'.

While listening to Bill O'Reilly the other day I thought I heard him say, "Illegal immigrants want the right to rent corpses."  I thought to myself, "So, what.  They're illegal immigrants Bill, not CANNIBALS!!!!!"

Here's a joke you can use at your 4th of July picnic;  'Hey guys, I hate to eat and run but I'm STUFFED!'  Bye.

I'll be right with you officer, I'm almost done here. HHHHAAAAALLLLLLLPPPPP!
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