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Nearly Relevant
Nonsense, Fiction, and Miscellaneous Things

Branch Debris
  Broken; Ecru at both ends,
  2 or 3 feet of branch between.
  Here or there, the branch
  To reach in a different direction or,
  to avoid.

  The bark was fresh at one time,
  now harsh from the years.
  But the aged segment cannot cut.

  Sporadic scale-like fungi, some
  blueish-green, some lighter or darker
  shades of gray
  avail to occupy
  of the bark.

  When grasped the fungi's 
  irregular shapes
  A dust-like debris settles
  on the palms and between fingers
  of damp hands.

  I go to toss the branch aside.
  Two-thirds of it
  falls off
  before I can.
Like the fungi,
the branch
  disintegrates easily.

  My day will come.

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