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     Although I'm not entirely updated on the latest Anthony Weiner scandal, I can surmise a few things which seem to me to be an outrage in this day and age:

  1. Mr. Weiner was a not so well regarded Congressman.  Ok, big deal, what       congressman is well regarded?
  2. His flirtations with other women - while being married - are offensive, particularly to women.  Well how, may I ask, is he supposed to find out which woman he truly loves if it's offensive for him to be communicating with other women? 
  3. His resignation from Congress didn't stop the problematic events.  Be reasonable, if a resignation from Congress were the answer to problematic events, then the deficit would be solved by Congresses' dissolution.  When has Congress' dissolution ever been argued as a solution to anything? 

     Now we come to the latest scandal.  Mr. Weiner has sent some very revealing texts and photos to young women.  What is the nature of these texts and photos?  Well, apparently Mr. Weiner, Jewish by faith, has sent pictures revealing of himself - he's dressed in the traditional garb of Islamist males, turban included.  Well, hasn't anyone thought of this.  Maybe the pictures were A JOKE!!!!!!  It DOESN'T mean he's an Islamist terrorist.  Or maybe the pictures weren't a joke but rather a statement that he's a closet Islamist.  In either case,  it DOESN'T mean he's an Islamist terrorist!!!!
     Ok, I will concede this point.  The fact that the photos were sent via Snapchat® - and disappeared from existence within a few seconds of being opened - is somewhat suspicious.   But hey, let's say- for argument purposes - he is an Islamist terrorist.  The use of Snapchat® is only evidence of a sensibleness.  A sensibleness which says, 'hey, guess what I can leave no evidence, none, nada, zilch, zippo'!  I mean, come on folks, instead of that kind of sensibleness what would you rather have;  A politician sending naked pictures of himself to everyone except his wife!?!?  Or even better,  not being able to stop sending naked pictures of himself to everyone except his wife? 
     Please folks, he's running for mayor, not something esteemed like . . . oh, say . . . dogcatcher.

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