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Nonsense, Fiction, and Miscellaneous Things

More Nonsense
    RE:  'The Party'.  Okay, obviously I'm no playwright.

     Frequently, I'll ruminate upon the Vienna Waltz and thoughts will slip in of Vienna Sausages.

     RE: Shakespearean Research and Academics Institute.  Folks, part 2 of our discussion this afternoon will ask the question, 'Was William Shakespeare's real name Frank Shakespeare;  And, if not, why not'?

     Here is my contribution to understanding the Middle East;

                                      Judaism = The means justifies the end.                            
                                      Islamism = The end justifies the means.
     I know UFO sightings are rare but I recently had an experience of a UFO sighing.  Here's a depiction of it;

The Party
     [The room - furnished with 4 ft. tall plants, various sofas, chandelier lighting, and more than one hallway leading away - holds 35 or 40 people.  They're mingling, some with drinks in hand.  Laughter and chatter abound.  Our hero, taller than most, looks over the crowd.]
     [Taking notice of Charlamagne]  "Hi, Charlemagne.  How are you?"  [Vigorously shakes Charlamagne's hand, then turns.]
     "HEY, Joe!  Good to see you."  [Shakes hands with Joe.  Turns again.]
     "Hey, Ed, thanks for coming, nice to see you."
     "Is that Maureen over in the corner?"
     "I think it is." [Comes a voice from behind and to the right.  Turns to see who it is.]
     "HEY!  Whadaya say,  Phil!!!  Boy, wonderful party.  How've you been?"
      [Distracted]  "Good Lord, there's  Samantha.  I haven't seen her in quite a while.  Excuse me."
[Shuffling on. ]   "Hello, Alexandra.  Beautiful evening isn't it?"    
      "Yes, it is."
     [Stops.  Tugs at the left label of his not-dark brown, tweed sportcoat which is matched with a yellow, tattersall checked, Egyptian cotton, button-down shirt and a solid color dark brown tie.]
     [Straightens phony mustache which has drooped.]
      "Frank!!!"  [Says in astonishment]  "Nice to see you.  How've you been?"
[Says in passing.]  " Excuse me." 
     "Hi." [Again, said in passing.  Shuffles on.]  

Hey!  How are you?'  [Said to stranger.  Continues on. 
Heads for the corner to chat with Maureen. ]
     [As he continues, he pulls to straighten the decorative eye-patch, black in color,  covering his right eye but accidentally tugs so hard the patch covers his right temple.  Quickly, hiding some mild embarrassment, he straightens it back to it's proper position over the eye.]
[Maureen sees him coming, excuses herself;  Quickly heading for the ladies room.]
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