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Lowering Page Rank
     The PR rep which handles my success has informed me that there has been some problems lately because my Google® Page Rank has skyrocketed from 0 to 8.  He's been getting phone calls in which the callers claim their own page rank has plummeted and they have asked him if he could convince me to be more of an idiot.  He's explained to them the way a free-enterprise system works but they simply ask him if he would like to 'swim with the fishes' or, alternatively, 'Have you ever heard of 'broke/homeless/6 ft. under'?  Once his teeth stop chattering, they'll tell him "Grow up if you know what's good for you!" and then they hang-up. So he's asked me to see what I can do to lessen my Page Rank.  I told him I'd try but would be unlikely to effect any appreciable change.  I also told him I think we've got bigger problems than simply Page Rank.   Anyhow, here's my attempt to lower my page rank.  

     The Dr. who removed the boil from my butt wasn't able to get $100,000 for the thing, as he had expected.   So now he's suing me for $300,000.

     I told the story of the calls to my PR rep to my dentist.  He laughed.   He asked me to open my mouth please then asked me, "Is it safe, yet?"

     If Nathan Hale were alive today, he'd have said; "I regret that I have but $3,016 to give to get me out of this mess."

     Finally, for the benefit of my PR rep I'll have to insist that, if you folks know what's good for you, then you'll start following some of these other blogs . . . OR ELSE!
New Card Game
    Card games require inventing.  So I'm thinking of a new card game.

     The lowest value card is 'chores'.  This card has little concern for concepts of past and future and is therefore situated mostly in the present.
     The next lowest value card is 'money'.  It trumps 'chores'.
     The third lowest value card is 'ruminations/considerations'.  Basically, this card came about because of certain corruptions and cheating associated with the 'money' card.  It trumps 'money'.
     The fourth, second highest of value, is 'philosophy'.  Derived from the 'r/c' card, it's similar to the 'r/c' card but a bit more complex.  It gets most of it's value from an attempt to understand the interrelationships of 'chores', 'money', and 'ruminations/considerations'.   It trumps 'ruminations/considerations'.
     The highest value card is 'God'.  It trumps all the other cards.

     Now, I have some unfinished aspects of this game.  One, how is it that players playing this game  have agency over the 'God' card?   Two, what is won by the winner?

     Thinking of calling the game 'Western Civilization'.
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