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    If I've ruined your breakfast cereal by the metaphorical use of 'spoiled milk', I guess I should apologize.  I'm certainly glad I didn't write about 'swimming in spoiled milk'.  I'd hate to think  that I was the cause of someone attempting to swim in their breakfast cereal.

     Here's a surefire way to irritate someone.  On any holiday, when asking, 'Got any plans for the holiday?' pronounce holiday as 'hole-a-day'.

     Here's something that's difficult for me, whatever the reasons, to understand.  This country basically trespasses all over Native American soil, shoots when a group of states decides to secede, and yet none of this has any relevance to the foundation of America's

     Contentment is like a lesser of 2 evils.  Ambition - whether realized or simply attempted - is to use one's agency to climb a pedestal.  That is an effort quite necessary to a secular worldview in which there is no one at the top or, alternatively, anyone can, potentially, occupy the top.  However, secularism is a choice, not a mandate;  Thus ambition too is a choice, not a mandate.  To me, ambitiousness and striving seem quite vain.

Practice: Updated
     This neighborhood is not far from Newport, R. I.   About an hour ago I heard an aircraft approaching, something not unusual either.  As it neared,  it kept getting louder.  Louder and more determined - or aggressive - than most civilian aircraft.  Finally, it came overhead and I could see it was an individual member of the Navy's Flight Demonstration Team, otherwise known as The Blue Angels;  I could read, on the underside, the lettering and distinguish the blue and yellow colors. 
     They have a show this weekend in Newport, http://www.blueangels.navy.mil/show/, so I guess the pilot was practicing.  It's a bit embarrassing - juvenile maybe - for me to touch on the heroic but, the thing basically roared as it passed overhead.  It was a very uplifting sight and sound.   Hope they have a good show . . . I might even attend myself.



Blue Angels Homepage, http://www.blueangels.navy.mil/

Update:  We went to the Sunday show.  The flying was exciting to watch.  Timewise, the Blue Angels flew far longer than I expected probably at least 30 or more minutes.  They put on a great show.  At one point we were wondering which way they would be coming from when one roared by, unexpectedly, in front of us.  How he snuck up on us I don't know.  Before he got too far away another snuck up on us again but this time from behind.
Very thrilling.
     One guy/gal - not part of the Blue Angels - was flying what I think was a biplane which they would fly as straight up as possible then stall the plane.  The plane would start falling back to earth and then the pilot would regain control.  If you ask me one of these maneuvers is a performance, 2 or more
of these maneuvers - in this case about 5 or 6 -  is enough for the pilot to be designated as 'touched'.  Ha!

Been Reading Donald Barthelme

     "You know" interjected the-girl-in-the-know "this phone rings on occasion."
     "Agreed" replied the young man, without any lechery, " this could be a sign of malfunctioning . . . or possibly malfunction-ation."

     The pressure measured a high no. of psi.  A relief of the pressure through a pressure relief value was recommended.
     "Whatever the problems" began an engineer dressed as a scarecrow, "the system  is designed - with intent -  to promote individuality, individual pursuits of happiness, and the associated securities."  The pressure dropped.
Someone else happily intoned, "The Sound of Music©".  The pressure dropped yet again.
     "The extremists . . ." the pressure jumped;  Fears - yet rationalized - induced mild panic.   ". . . are FINISHED!!!!!" blurted the speaker.  There came a drop of another few psi and a sigh - or a
sandwich board sign - of relief.
     "My barber's the one to compliment but thank you anyway" was expressed.   The pressure dropped yet again.
     It seemed the crisis had been asserted, or possibly even averted.
     Franklin Something pondered and on occasion even thought;  "If we can't be sure of anything and high pressure is considered bad then high pressure could be good.  But if high pressure is good how can we say we can't be sure of anything?"
It was a good day to be human and at the top of the food chain.  "Possibly, McDonald's™, or Wendy's™" thought Franklin.  "Or . . . are they franchises, not food chains?"  Franklin decided a conference was in order and arranged for the conference to take place, sometime later . . . or possibly sooner.   
     "No, no." he thought "I can't get to Oklahoma any sooner."
"Nice haircut Lewis."
     "Thank you, but really my barber is the one to compliment.", replied Lewis.
     "If Lew's haircut is nice, maybe it's really bad."  thought Franklin.  Franklin left . . . or rather, he may have left.  He also may have arrived.
It was a good day to be human and at the top of the food chain.
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