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Nearly Relevant
Nonsense, Fiction, and Miscellaneous Things

Inspirational Quote
     "You folks are all wonderful.   I'm wonderful.   Life is wonderful . . . everything is wonderful." - GRSJR

     A local variety show which follows the noon news is losing it . . . I believe.   They have one guy who is an expert in multiple topics.  
     Originally, he was a certified public accountant and he gave viewers tax advice;
     "Thanks Jim."
     Then  he was a travel expert who'd traveled widely.  He gave travel advice;  Including how to pack your luggage;

     "Thank you Jim, great advice.  Jim Sweeney, folks."

     Now today the station announced;

     "Tommorrow's guests will include sous chef and gourmand, Jim Sweeney." 

     It's always the same guy;  Always the same Jim Sweeney.  I don't understand it.  It's weird.

Tired of the Claptrap

     There are 3 branches of power to the U. S. government; Executive, Judicial, and Congressional.  Now, each branch has some power which the others don't have.  For example, the judiciary administers laws regardless of Executive or Congressional support.  This is a power of the Judiciary.  Congress enacts - or doesn't enact - laws; The President - Executive branch - has a veto power and can veto laws which Congress is trying to enact.  Congress can - with a 2/3rds quorum - override the veto.  If any branch acts with power, the other branches can manifest powers  they've been given to deny, change, or not accept any nascent act.  These powers are  contentious.  CONTENTIOUS, argumentative, disputatious!  These powers are not suffered.     
     For a branch of power to suffer the power of another branch is malfeasance.  The  abnegating of authorized power is a venal corruption.
     When President Obama says,
“I’ve got a pen, and … I’ve got a phone,”1  he is representing that he is taking the powers of the Presidency and using them.  It is a responsibility.  It is not malfeasance.
      I'm tired of hearing the claptrap which is, 'Pres. Obama is acting unconstitutionally', yet none are impeaching him.  I'm tired of hearing the poppycock which is 'He's breaking the law not making it', yet none are arresting him.  I'm tired of hearing the foolery which is 'He's being neither consesual nor according' as if simpatico of the branches of government - executive, judicial, and congressional which might be labeled in all obstinateness 'JUEXCON' - were a solution rather than a problem.

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