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Cancellation of 'Interview'
     Fox News® reported the cancellation of the Sony® movie Interview©.  From what I gather, Interview is a so-called comedy 'about' - but not necessarily 'influencing' - the assassination of Kim Jong un, the leader of North Korea.  North Korea isn't too happy.
     Apparently the problem with this cancellation isn't the storyline continuously hammering a narrative of an assassination which is certainly by any sane person's judiciousness 'comic', but that Sony® will lose millions of dollars.  Ka-Ching! 
     If that much money is at stake, I suggest we claim the movie is harmless and free speech.

     Sometimes I think this country's society is so messed up over money that -  despite the country's admirable governmental documents and intent - it'll be our society not the government that gets us into a nuclear war.
     Thanks Sony® . . .  jerks.
What Up
     "Yo, Jelani."
     "Cleavon!" responded Jelani. "What up?"  Cleavon waved then started an energetic jog towards Jelani.
      Cleavon and Jelani were friends from the neighborhood.  The neighborhood encompassed a ghetto area of 6 or 7 blocks.  It was basically an overpopulated, crowded suburb of Paradise City; It was something of the 'black sheep' of the city.
     "You got any cigs?"
     "No man I don't."
     "Sh*t, man.  Come on.  We can hit the shop."
     Cleavon as a general rule wasn't self-assured but when he was high his esteem was higher . . . this time maybe too high.

     The door to the shop slowly, designedly closed behind them.  The shop owner who had glanced up at them and smiled was now looking down at some paperwork he had on the counter.  Cleavon and Jelani headed over to the display case holding the cigars and some smoking accessories. The case was positioned behind the counter and to the left . It had two knobbed, glass plates finishing the case as cabinet doors.  Cleavon opened one of the plates, grabbed a box of cigars, pulled them from the case and preceded toward the store door.  Jelani - knowing what Cleavon was doing - was surprised but not astonished by the act.  To be astonished Jelani would have had to have been wholly inculcated by the facade of Paradise City, County of Contented, in the State of Wonderment, of the USA.   Unlike Cleavon, Jelani had never been so impressed.
     The store owner quickly took to the other side of the counter giving chase of Cleavon.  Near the door, the owner brusquely brushed up against Cleavon, Cleavon swung an outraged arm practically knocking over the smaller man.  Jelani yelled 'Yo' but got no response from either man; The store owner and Cleavon continued the momentary scuffle before Cleavon was outside the store. Meanwhile the store owner was racing for the phone.
     Less than one-quarter mile from the store Cleavon and Jelani slowed their running as they heard the initial wails of police sirens.
     "These businesses are crazy." said Cleavon a bit winded. "A box of 3 dollar cigars and they can't do without it."
     "Same could be said of you Cleavon." replied Jelani.
     "Yea, well I don't have any alternative.  I've had it with this lying rhetoric that begins 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' and ends with 'Capitalism, Capitalism, Capitalism'.  If I wanted nothin' but to have a simpl'r lifestyle where could I go?  Michigan? Nebraska? Alabama?  Their all the same, every last one of them.  How is that freedom of choice?  The only choice I have is to sell my soul and liberties to capitalism.  And all for the desire of a $3 cigar. What kind of facade is this country selling?  I ain't buying it."
     "I don't know man but here comes a cop." A police car pulled up to them.
     Jelani stopped.  Cleavon approached the cop car and was told - as was Jelani - to stop and put their hands up.  Jelani raised his hands, Cleavon threw the box of cigars at the officer, yelled 'Here take the damn things' and ran. The police officer gave chase, tackled Cleavon and another scuffle began, with the officer suffering a blackeye, and Cleavon a bullet graze to the arm before Cleavon beat it around the corner of the next block.  A second responding police car, directed by the first officer,  pursued Cleavon around the block.
     The first officer went back to Jelani whereupon Jelani commented his friend wasn't usually this crazy.  "Cleavon" he said "had - most of the time - a peaceful facade . . . but today he was high."
     The bruised, shaken, officer thought about Jelani's attempt at exculpation.  The officer felt his swollen eye and exclaimed, 'Peaceful facade!  I wasn't hired to shoot at peaceful facades!!!!!'
     As Jelani was being guided into the back seat of the police car the two heard from the not too far distant a shot . . . then another.
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