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More 'Supply-Side' Economics
     The IMF quoted at 247wallst.com :
"The IMF report’s authors draw this conclusion:

    The evidence presented in the study suggests that absent policy action to encourage innovation, promote investment in productive capital, and counteract the negative impetus from aging, countries will have to adjust to a new reality of lower speed limits.

Sadly, the IMF is right, although perhaps not entirely for the right reasons. "1

      The phrasing 'lower speed limits' is a representation - a metaphor - of growth/GNP/GDP.  As for me, theoretically, it is not a big leap from metaphorical 'speed limits' to enforced 'speed limits'.  In other words, the continuation of centralized economic planning by an allegedly free-market technique;  The  free-market technique otherwise known as supply-side economics. 

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