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Nonsense, Fiction, and Miscellaneous Things

1940's Hooey

     Colonel, I have some wery waluable information concerning our nemesis 'The Church of Everlasting Grace'.

     Excellent operative 3D234.

     May I remind sir, until this operation is over I am to be known as Doreen.

     Of course, of course.   Please proceed Doreen.

     Is the Colonel up to date on our arch obstacle?

     Yes, of course.

     Excellent, we wouldn't want any insufficiencies or demerits concerning our efforts. 

     Of course not, but it is you who need to be aware of insufficiencies.  Afterall, I'm not the one with the 'wery waluable' information now am I.

     Yes sir.  Shall I scramble my communications?

     Yes, good idea.  Should the higher-ups find out we're idiots we'll be pole-axed for sure.

     Grrrrckk grrrk  ggggrk  grkkkk.  Ggggrrk ggggggk gkkkkkk grk.  Gkkkkk, gkkkk gk.

     I see.

     Grrrrrk grrrrrrk grk grrrrrrrrrck.


     Grrrk grrrrrrkk grk grrrrrrrrr.  Grrrrrrrrk gkkkkkkk gck gcgkkk.

     They are apparently smarter than we anticipated.  Can we produce a propaganda film in which . . . oh, say a mandrill or other chimp - Nazi-inspired and outfitted - saves his fellow chimps, lions, tigers, etc;  In short he saves the world because he's a strong and heroic Nazi mandrill?

     Of course Colonel, excellent idea.   I have yet to understand why you have not been promoted to Major.

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