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"Lunch doesn't have to be taken at 12:00 pm exactly.  That's what's great about America.  You can eat lunch at 12, 12:01, 12:45, or whenever. "

"THAT' NOT WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!  Nobody cares what time you eat lunch.  What's great about America is . . . wait a minute.  You may be right.

"Of course I'm right.  And also, imagine the government is not American and makes 12:00 the necessary and mandatory lunchtime.  Everyone has to eat at 12.  The lines to Burger King, McDonald's, pastry shops, all of 'em would be around the block.  Nobody'd eat lunch till 4 hours later because of the long lines.

So, the fascist government decides; 'Well, people are going to hate us because of this terrible lunch experience.  We should allow them to eat lunch whenever they want.'   So, that's exactly what they do, and people are grateful.

The commizars all greet people at lunch places, shaking hands, saying 'You're welcome' when people thank them.  Okay, so somebody asks one of the commizars , 'How do you spell America.'  Well, the commizar is having such a relaxed and successful 'meet and greet', he doesn't think much about the question and answers, 'A.m.e.r.i.k.a.'

 .   .   .

 If you're confused by this post please see the title.

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